Where To Buy a Paintball Bazooka

by admin on January 6, 2012

Where to Buy a Paintball Bazooka

Unfortunately, your options are somewhat limited. Many people cannot even find one place on "where to buy a paintball bazooka," let alone a selection to choose from…

Well the guru did some searching around, and we were able to find about a dozen or so places that sold a paintball bazooka. However, most almost all of the places we found looked sketchy. They were mostly small business websites that did not offer very good prices, or very good financial protection.

Basically, most sites had prices that were either way out of our price range, or they had a security system in place that I wouldn't risk putting a dollar into. And as a side tip, make sure the website you are buying from protects your investment, because a lot of websites out there will simply steal your money. Your best option, is always the website that has something to lose by cheating you.

For example, Amazon has policies that protect consumers because it would be against their best interest to have a bad reputation. On the other hand, a small website, such as Joe Blow's website to buy paintball bazookas will not even have a well known reputation to worry about.

The Winner!!!!

We found the best place for where to buy a paintball bazooka relatively early in our search, because the website is well known amongst the paintball community. The popular paintball website that offers paintball bazookas is Real Action Paintball. And we strongly recommend them. They are simply where to buy a paintball bazooka!


First of all, they are the safest option, but also, they were the cheapest option we could find on the net. A paintball bazooka from them only costs 400 dollars, and considering an average paintball gun will run you that much, there deal is a bargain. Return to our page on Paintball Bazookas

update: April 13, 2010

We bought a paintball bazooka from Real Action paintball three days ago…. and we received it in the mail yesterday. Well we are absolutely thrilled with our investment.

Not only did we receive our product in a very short period of time. We love what this paintball bazooka can do for us. We're out playing certain scenario games that involve a paintball bazooka… and wow, a paintball bazooka is a blast (no pun intended)


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