WDP Angel G7 Review

by admin on January 6, 2012

WDP Angel G7 Review


Out of the box, The WDP Angel G7 is ready to go, make a few chrono adjustments and start ripping, but read the cd-rom supplied to understand the settings and how they affect your marker before attempting to shoot at full capability. It is programmed with no bounce and shooting maximum 15 bps out of the box.

The marker is fairly quiet when shooting paint and very, very little kick. When you start ripping on the trigger you really cant notice any kick at all and no drop off. I would however recommend a low pressure tank, even though some say it can handle a high pressure tank, go low pressure and make things easier on the marker. After all, it cost $1500.00 and if in case you happen to over pressurize the marker, it isn't going to be pretty.

Now on to the comments some make about this not being worth the extra money over the regular speed. It is, you get an LCD screen, more of a low pressure set up, better internals and a all round great marker! It only needs to be oiled every 8,000 shots and greased every 20,000 shots. Talk about easy maintenance! I personally prefer an LCD over an LED, easier interface and less room for error.

The best thing about the marker is that is a very durable and reliable marker. I've played in multiple tournaments with it as my main marker and I've only had to use my back up marker once because I wasn't used to the marker yet(I was shooting hot) You will get noticed by refs using this marker and when they check after matches, this marker almost always gets checked. I can't count how many times I've been pulled off to the side and rechecked after a match. This speaks volumes about the marker because each and every time I was told … Dude,you are right where you need to be.

Shooting for the first game was very easy to achieve the maximum bps I had it set for, with some trigger adjustments to my liking. Extremely efficient on a 68 4500 lp Angel Air tank i got around 1800 shots on a hot fill. Some say Angels "lob" balls across the field, and physics prove this to be wrong, I wont go into that, this thing shoots lazers across the field. The eyes, with proper settings, do not chop. What i mean by proper settings is, you can physically set how many balls per second you want to shoot. But if you have it set to 25 bps, and your hopper settings set low, its not gonna do 25 bps.

Fortunately, the marker is consistent with velocity spikes staying steady at +/- 3 with factory settings and operating with low pressure settings and tank/reg setup.

The WDP Angel 67 has insanely fast velocity. Many experienced paintball players will tell you that no paintball guns can compete iwth the raw speed of Angel and Planet Eclips.

Hopper, if you really want to shoot this thing at full potential, the halo b and the victory (v.35) board is the only way you are gonna achieve 30 bps. If you just want a fast hopper for tourney play, any hopper that is force feed will work, egg, halo b, empire reloader b, etc.

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Feed neck, this is the first feed neck i have had that stock fits my halo b! Wow, right, usually you have to sand down, not with this marker! I like the o-ring set up, it works very well, but what would a $1500.00 marker be with something that wasn't thought about?

The trigger can be tweaked to your liking so there is no reason that you can't gorge through a hopper in no time. With the right hopper the marker hit 29 bps with factory settings and with the factory board … ( Heh … the board even keeps track of your Bps for you ) …

Barrel, stock is great, but there are quieter barrels out there. If you do get another barrel, don't skimp on this, the marker is light, so don't go and get a $30.00 5 pound barrel to go on it.

The appearance of this marker will blow you away. The milling and adonizing is amazing. When I opened the box I was amazed at how gorgeous the marker is. The milling is flawless and the color ( I have a red/black fade ) was perfect.

I can't tell you how many people have complimented me about the markers looks. Even people who don't play appreciate its craftmanship.


This marker is wicked, but there's not a paintball marker in the world that is flawless. Here's a few drawbacks.

While the WDP Angel G7's accuracy is decent, I find that regardless of settings ( dwell and operating pressure ) it is not on par with other high end markers.

The best way to compensate for this slight drawback is to buy another barrel,find a good setting zone for your marker (factory seemed to work best) and of course practice with the marker

Another slight drawback was the feedneck had problems with a halo or empire I haven't tried any other hopper. It was almost required for me to buy another feedneck with a lower profile and one that had a better fit.

No big deal though, just be carefull tampering with the threading on the Angel itself. If you strip it out, you are screwed! be prepared to deal with the factory if you mess around too much.

Its a darn good thing that its reliable because support in tourneys and in pro shops is almost non existent.

As with almost all markers it takes SOME tweaking and getting the kinks worked out before it falls into place for you. So I would NOT RECOMMEND this marker for new players.

Since unless you know someone who knows how to work on them, you are pretty much on your own to tweak it.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that many of the issues you see with this marker are because of user error or because you are using bad settings. Do your homework and learn the marker and the settings before you tamper with it. I can't stress that enough with this marker


This is the best marker out there IMHO, and when you get into the $1,000.00 range, the difference in markers is feel and software. Go test them, or read a lot about them, I love mine and anyone who has that kind of money to spend would be lucky to own one. The craftsmanship WDP put into this marker is phenomenal, if you have every seen one you will know what im saying. Great marker, best on the market IMHO, and fastest marker out there, period.

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