Tournament Paintball Rules

by admin on January 6, 2012

Tournament Paintball Rules

It's important to know the common tournament paintball rules. Whether you want to set up your own paintball tournament, or if you want to participate in an already existing tournament. You should know the proper set up for a paintball tourney.

Gear Regulations

Amateurs, or friendly tournaments tend to neglect certain paintball gear restrictions. But they are absolutely necessary for your paintball safety.

Players should ALWAYS wear a face mask. Paintball injuries rarely ever occur, but paintball eye injuries are serious. So serious that 50% of all paintball eye injuries cause permanent vision loss. Sounds somewhat grim, but these can be avoided completely. I have yet to hear of a single paintball eye injury occurring when all face masks are being used.

Save yourself a hospital visit and make sure that everyone wears a mask.




The next gear restriction for tournament paintball rules is paintball velocity. This is even more neglected than paintball masks. And at least, there are little to no paintball injuries that result from unregulated paintball velocities. So bear in mind that you will be safe whether you check for this or not. But velocities should be checked because higher velocities hurt like crazy, and will give a significant advantage to those with a more pressurized paintball.

The velocity cut off should be at most 300 fps. This is the regulation that most paintball fields recommend, and even at that speed, many bruise occur. I would not even want to play if someone shot at a faster speed. Finally, check for frozen paintballs. More and more paintball fields are making this check common practice. Too many players are bringing frozen paintballs onto the fields, and too much pain has resulted because of it. If someone has brought frozen paintballs, they should be immediately disqualified and asked to leave. Nobody wants to feel the pain of these balls of death.

We're almost ready – Game Objective

A game objective should be clearly stated, so that all players are on the same page.

Games such as… capture the flag, elimination, etc..

Then you should go over the field regulations below.

Field Regulations – Boundaries

Before any paintball match begins, players should know about the playing field boundaries. How far you can go in each and every direction. Without setting up boundaries, there will be confusion, and unfair advantage for the players that choose to exploit a faulty set up.

Also, your boundaries should be proportional to the amount of players you have playing on each team. Or the type of game you are playing. Capture the flag, for example, is a game that is best played with a fairly large boundary. Whereas, a bunker death match is usually best played in close quarters.

Safety and Game Procedures

In order to properly implement tournament paintball rules, there should be a paintball referee to administer the appropriate paintball procedures.

During the game… Procedures:

Paint checks – If a player feels as though he has marked an opposing player with paint, he may request a paint check. This procedure is in place to inhibit cheating. A player cannot simply deny that he has been hit because the evidence will be splattered on his body.

Surrenders or deaths – When a player surrenders or is hit by a paintball, that player is granted a safe walk to a dead zone. During this walk, the defeated player should raise his gun in the air to let others know that he is out of the game.

Dead zone – A dead zone is the area of a paintball field reserved for players that have been eliminated. In certain paintball matches players will be able to respawn from a dead zone, in others it is simply a gateway to exiting the field. One of the tournament paintball rules should be to designate a dead zone.

Game Specifics

You are no done all of the mandatory tournament paintball rules. Other rules that can be implemented depend on the type of paintball game you are playing. For example, you can choose to have a time limit for a paintball match, or you can choose to have a kill limit. These rules are entirely up to the tournament manager.

I hope this guide clears up tournament paintball rules, and if you want to learn more about paintball tournaments, click this link. Co2 Paintball Guru


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