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by admin on January 6, 2012

Tournament Paintball Player – How the heck do I become one?

Depending on your financial situation, becoming a tournament paintball player is not as hard as you may think…..

Most people think that you need a paintball sponsorship in order to be a tournament participant, but this is simply not the case. The only thing you need is a registered paintball team. You can either join an existing team, or start your own. Paintball fields make it real easy for anyone to play. Unlike many other sports, which may be why this extreme sport is developing such a popular following.

I need a team? uhhh….. who would want me?

There are a TON of openings for paintball players. And once you become a decent player, teams will be seeking you out!

That being said, although I said that a team is the only requirement needed to become a tournament paintball player, this does not mean that you and your team won't be dominated on the paintball fields.

So really, it comes back to the being a decent player thing…… Which comes in two parts: your paintball skills, and the type of paintball equipment that you own.

Is it important to have good paintball equipment

Although good paintball gear is optional for registration purposes, it is absolutely mandatory for paintball tournament success.

The inconvenient truth of paintball is that the player with the best gun will win most of the time. Paintball skills do come into play, of course, but if you're paintball gun is inaccurate and fires a paintball a second, an opponent with a fast firing automatic paintball gun will eat you alive.

So unfortunately, if you're looking to do well in paintball you will need expensive gear.

What?! Expensive paintball gear is mandatory…. Are you telling me that tournament paintball is only for the wealthy?

Well no….. You do not have to be wealthy, but you do need good paintball equipment. And how do you do this without breaking the bank?

Unless you want to pick up a second day job, then you are going to need a paintball sponsorship.

Paintball gear companies want the word out about their products, and the best way for them to do this is to have it advertised on good tournament paintball players. It makes other players think…. oh wow, this guy is good, it must be his gear!

And when a company, such as angel or Tippman, takes you under their wing, paying for paintball will be a thing of the past. These companies usually pay for your paintball gear, as well as your paintball supplies and tournament entry fees. Booyah!

How do I become sponsored by a paintball company?

It's not as hard as you may think. Paintball sponsors visit popular paintball fields regularly. All you need to do is impress one of the many sponsors that visit the paintball fields. Even asking around, and getting to know the paintball affiliated spectators is a great way to get your foot in the door. So practice, practice, practice…. play good paintball, and impress one scout and you're in! And once you're in, you're in for good.

Another way paintball players like to be discovered is by becoming a self supporting tournament paintball player. This route requires that you foot the bill yourself, but only until you are discovered by a paintball company. Which will not take that long at all if you're a good paintball player. Plus, if you join an existing paintball team, then a already sponsored player on your team might set you up with their company.

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