Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun Review

by admin on April 12, 2012


Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro Paintball Pneumatic Marker Gun review

tippmann x7 phenom
The X7 Phenom is the latest paintball marker released by Tippmann. This electro-pneumatic marker offers great accuracy, ease of use and maintenance as well as high reliability.

It is the first paintball marker of its category to sport a FlexValve mechanism, which can release up to 1,400 balls from a 68-cube inch PSI tank. This level of effectiveness cannot be found in any other paintball marker in the market. The X7 also features a sturdy aluminum body with minimal wear elements.
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Product Features:

  • Pushpin mechanism for faster field stripping
  • Fully metallic trigger for increased sturdiness and strength
  • Flexible triple position switch
  • Cyclone feed system that can provide 15 balls per second
  • 9.5 inches superior barrel
  • Tippmann Phenom marker
  • FlexValve Technology
  • Efficient even under 300 PSI
  • Can deliver 1,400 strikes from 68 cube inch, PSI 4500 tank
  • Light aluminum frame
  • Warranty: 2 years

The good

One of the best features about the Phenom X7 is that it does not run on batteries alone. This means that you do not have to worry about batteries running out while you’re on the field. Unlike other markers with an e-grip, when you switch the X7 to fully automatic, the e-grip feature kicks in without the need for an Allen key. 

The flexing valve has a unique design and provides added functionality. This feature makes this unit very smooth and enjoyable to use since there’s never a need to cock it. 

Additionally, the FlexValve is capable of operating just below 300 PSI. This makes the X7 Phenom a very efficient and accurate marker, allowing a remarkable 1,400 strikes and 15 balls per second.

This paintball marker offers versatility and flexibility, thanks to its selector that can be switched into three different positions with ease. These include safe mode, mechanical trigger pull and electronic mode.

Users will also love the fact that the recoil on this marker is minimal and can hardly be felt, thanks to the spool valve mechanism. This system also eliminates the need to adjust the aim after every shot.

The bad

In spite of the remarkable qualities of the Tippmann X7 Phenom, users might find this paintball marker a little heavier than most and a bit louder too.

This marker is much more compact than other markers from Tippmann, but features such as its brass PPS contribute to its heavier weight. Intermediate players might have a hard time moving around with this gun while on the field.

Being a new type of electro-pneumatic marker, the X7 is bound to have some technical constraints. One of them is the interior gas line, which tends to contribute to air leaks, making it impossible to shoot rounds with sufficient power at times. However, this problem will go away as you continue to use the gun.

Another thing that might annoy some users is the fact that you have to pull the trigger more than once and keep it pressed down to get a full automatic shot.

Additionally, The Tippmann Phenom X7 is quite pricey compared to other models from Tippmann and other markers in the same category. The price may discourage beginner players, and may even be a bit expensive for intermediate and advanced players. However, it is to be expected from a unit of this quality.

Our verdict

Tippmann is a reliable paintball equipment manufacturer, well known for producing markers that are durable and functional. The new Phenom X7 is no exception and is highly recommended for any paintball enthusiast.

Although this marker is pricier than most on the market, the level of accuracy and efficiency it offers is well worth the price.

This marker is recommended for players who are looking for a versatile gun that is fully customizable and offers great performance. The customer service team at Tippmann is excellent and will respond to all the technical difficulties that you may experience with this marker. This gun also comes with a standard 2 year warranty to cover you in case something goes wrong.

Overall, this new offering by Tippmann is a great piece of equipment, and very few markers on the market can boast as many features and powerful specs as the X7 Phenom. 
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