Tippmann Truimph XT Review

by admin on January 6, 2012

Tippmann Triumph XT Review

The Tippmann Triumph XT is a cheap paintball gun, that is in turn built with cheap parts. Surprisingly, this paintball gun is built with tippmann 98 custom internals. Which will surprise a lot of people. But other than that, it is fairly cheaply manufactured. For example, the externals of this gun are all plastic.

The Tippmann Truimph XT is a great beginner paintball gun if you are a kid 10-12 years old. I got this for my neighbor and he likes it. Surprisingly for the money this is a good gun. It comes with a 11' barrel already, vertical feed and a double trigger! All for about $100! Its still pretty reliable but not like an A-5 or 98C. It shoots accurately and does not chop paintballs.

Here's a picture

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When I first got this I was a little skeptical, but it showed through at the end. When I first fired it I was surprised at how accurate it was, but then I remembered it was a Tippmann in a plastic shell, out of uniform. It proved itself in Woodsball and Speedball, and I was surprised at how resilient it was. It took maybe 8 shots to the marker itself and there was no damage. The only downside was that it was a little heavy.

bought 3 of these markers for 29 dollars each at Wal Mart about a year ago. The first day on the field, two of the markers developed leaks which were repaired later. The accuracy is fair, decent range, with the right balls.

These markers are used by our guest and as backups when needed. I suppose the only weak point would be is that most of the kids are suspicious of the markers performance because it just does not look like the rest of our markers (Spyders, automag, Piranha, Autococker Triology).

These paintball markers perform at a level that is acceptable to those that use them, maybe we just do not know any better, but I suppose ignorance is bliss in some cases.

This is definitely a low cost paintball gun. It's a little heavier than I'd expect from a composite body. The barrel, firing bolt and expansion chamber are made from metal. The built in drop forward makes the gun feel very balanced and the fore grip is a nice touch compared to the XL model. It adds a lot of stability when aiming, especially shooting on the run.

A person would definitely benefit from spending the 30 dollars more to buy the eXT electronic trigger version of this gun. Maybe it's because I'm a tournament player who likes to throw a lot of paint.

I'm just not accustomed to long paintball trigger pulls any more. The gun kicked a little more than other guns in its 100 dollar price range but over all shot good. The lower end markers sometimes have a problem with different types of air. This gun's built in expansion chamber really makes it nice. And the efficiency on comp air is impressive too.

Although I did take the time to take a shot count per fill, I can tell you it seem efficient to me. I seemed to have no problems hitting targets with the stock barrel but would consider upgrading it first to something more quite, unless I could find some type of trigger upgrade. Even a trigger with some adjustments would be a plus.

Its rate of fire seemed to be rated fair by Tippmann. They recommend the new Triumph series of electronic loaders as an upgrade but I will tell you if you don't get the electronic version(eXT) the gravity feed hopper is more than enough.

This good is extremely good. It is light. It has velocity. This would be a perfect marker for a begginer, starter. The only thing i do not like about this gun is that it is to noticable but its quickness evens it out. This gun is perfect for tournaments, indoor paintball and capture the flag. This gun is not a dye but it will do the job.

The gun is very simple, very easy to set up and keep working, and reliable. I've never had one break down on me unlike many other manufacturers.

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