Tippmann Pro Carbine

by admin on January 6, 2012

Tippmann Pro Carbine

The Tippmann Pro Carbine has taken it's inspiration from two of Tipmmann's most popular guns, the Pro-Lite and the 68-Carbine, and combined them into one. The Pro/Carbine features the CVX valve to allow for a change in the weather without changing the gun's performance. It uses a stainless steel braided gas line which will allow for the use of both compressed air and Co2. Also features a 10.5" micro-honed ported barrel and a quick release rear sight.

This is a very solid paintball gun at a reasonable price. It's got a very long barrel, and is very heavy duty. Because of the long barrel, this gun tends to feel more like a rifle. Which is a very cool thing.


It won't ever, ever break. It's ridiculously solid. It's also very accurate, the 14 inch barrel allows for almost sniper-like accuracy.

A lot of paintball fields use this gun as a rental, so it will be fairly easy to find replacement parts for it.

A very reliable paintball gun for around 250 bucks… not too shabby!


There aren't very many upgrades or accessories designed for this paintball gun. So what you get at the beginning, is what you'll be sticking with.

Can be too heavy.

Can be too long. Harder to maneuver around bunkers and whatnot.

Rate of fire is nothing to write home about.

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The Guru's take

It's a fairly decent paintball gun. That being said, you can do better by spending your money elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great paintball marker. But maybe a tad overrated. The excessively long paintball barrel can get in the way too often. Which can be very annoying.

If I wanted a paintball gun for sniping, I'd buy a sniper paintball gun not a gun that is only halfway built for sniping and close range combat.

250 bucks is a pretty decent price for the gun you get. But for 250 dollars, I would much rather invest in a Real Action Paintball manufactured paintball gun.

Real Action Paintball creates realistic paintball guns that are the most reliable paintball markers on the market for about 300-600 dollars.

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Tippmann Pro Carbine Review

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