Tippmann Paintball Guns

by admin on January 6, 2012

Tippmann Paintball Guns Are The Bombay!


Tippmann has made quite a name for itself in the shooter simulation field. The most popular paintball brand in the world… and it's not even all that close.

I am not going to say that tippmann manufactures the best paintball guns, because that would simply not be true. Other brands, such as planet eclipse, dye, or angel offer paintball products that are better.

So why is Tippmann the bomb?

Because this company is great at hitting the paintball player budget. Most paintball players don't have the money to spend 2000 dollars on paintball equipment.

A planet eclipse paintball marker can cost around a thousand bucks. And then you'll want to buy paintball upgrades such as paintball hoppers, and barrels, etc.

Tippmann offers a very affordable solution. Most of their paintball guns will be quite significantly less than dye or angel. Plus, the tippmann company has grown to such a large level, that their products are backed with a whole hell of a lot of reliability.

The tippmann 98 custom is well known as the most durable paintball gun around. Paintball field operators almost always choose the tippmann 98's as their rental guns.


because they are durable as hell. They won't break down on you, and they can perform at a fairly high level.

back in the ol' days of paintball, there used to be a substantial difference between an expensive paintball marker, and a modestly priced one. Now, that is no longer the case.

I would not trust a 100-300 dollar paintball gun from most paintball brands, but I sure would recommend a tippmann gun that fits that price range.

The tippmann a5 may be the best paintball marker that is less than 300 dollars.

A good player that owns a tippmann a5 is almost as scary as a good player with a Planet Eclipse Ego.

And what's even more cool is the milsim option

for those of you that don't know what milsim means, it stands for military simulation.

And it is a relatively new phenomenon for paintball.

Some companies are now opting to manufacture military paintball guns that look very realistic.

Real Action Paintball is a company that has taken a particular focus in this direction. But tippmann has branched out in this direction as well.

Tippmann has grown so big, that it covers everything about paintball.

Do you want scenario paintball markers, such as paintball snipers.

Do you want a gun that's affordable? tippmann paintball guns cover all your bases.


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