Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker Review

by admin on April 11, 2012

Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Marker


If you’re a novice paintball player, then you need a marker that is both accurate and easy to use. The Tippman 98 Custom Paintball Marker is the ideal marker for beginners, with its affordable cost and its easy assembling process.

The Custom 98 allows you to customize it according to your preferences for greater ease of use and adaptability. With its aluminum-encasing and well-stocked maintenance kit, this marker will serve you well for a long time.

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Product features:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Appropriate for beginners, intermediates and advanced players
  • Comes with the TIPPMANN 98 customizing and maintenance kit
  • Stock Barrel: eight and a half inches
  • .68 receiver with a mechanical blow back
  • Aluminum encasing
  • Fast-release feeder and replaceable fore-grip
  • Completely customizable to improve performance
  • Operates on compressed air or Co2 

The good

The Tippmann 98 Custom paintball marker is one of the most affordable markers on the market. It is the perfect choice for beginners who just want to make a minor investment as they familiarize themselves with the game.

This marker is very straightforward to use, even for the novice player. The customizing and maintenance kit allows users to remove and add components according to their preference. The kits, which are easily installed into the gun, are removable using tools that come included with the kit.

This marker can easily be split in half for easy cleansing and internal maintenance. This gun requires minimal maintenance and you’ll be able to use this unit for a very long time as it is made out of highly durable materials. When it comes to maintenance, the only thing you’ll have to do is oil the internal parts every once in a while.

The Custom 98 is a remarkably accurate gun. The gun's accuracy is one of the reasons why both intermediary and professional players still continue to use it. Beginners will also enjoy the level of accuracy and reliability offered by this marker.

This gun has a firm grip, which is an important feature, especially for speedball games. This marker is encased in aluminum and is cast in die, making it a durable and sturdy gun which will serve you for a long time.

The bad

The Tippman 98 custom paintball gun is fully mechanical and therefore does not offer the strongest firing capacity. This might not be an issue for beginners, but advanced players will have a hard time using the jagged stock barrel. This marker might disappoint users who are looking for a firing rate above seven balls per second. Users looking to play speedball will not find the Custom 98 very functional and might instead opt for an electrical paintball marker.

Compared to other paintball markers, the Custom 98 is much heavier. Some beginners may find this unit difficult to carry around for long periods. Additionally, this gun is also longer than most markers. Although the length might not be problem to some users, those who are looking for a more compact gun might not find the Custom 98 very suitable.

Although this gun is affordable, upgrading it is not. At some point, you might have to upgrade the marker for better performance, but parts do not come cheap. Users might have to spend more on upgrades than the actual price of the gun, however, this is to be expected with any gun that offers the same level of customization as the Tippman 98.

Our verdict

Tippmann is renowned for manufacturing high quality and durable guns for both beginners and professional players and the Tippmann Custom 98 is no exception. Its overall quality and usability makes it the gun of choice for many beginner and intermediary players.

Although the gun is noticeably slow, it still offers a firing capacity that is suitable for beginners. The gun is also very easy to use. The fact that it is fully customizable is another factor that makes this gun a great choice.

The Tippman 98 is very affordable and is perfect for new players who don’t want to spend too much on their first gun. However, prepare to spend a few dollars on upgrades and customization.

Considering all factors, the Tippmann 98 custom is a smart purchase. We definitely recommend this unit for beginners as well as advanced players who are looking for a reliable and durable gun that will last them a long time.

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