Tippmann 98 Custom Review

by admin on January 6, 2012

Tippmann 98 Custom Review

The Tippmann 98 custom is one of the most popular paintball guns out there. Paintball fields love them, because they are very durable and relatively easy to use.

The perfect gun for a newbie or intermediate paintballer that wants a decent, and easy to use marker.

For a relatively inexpensive paintball marker, that accuracy is simply phenomenal. It's easy to see why this paintball gun is so popular.

If you're on a strict budget, this paintball gun could be the best option for you. If you're willing to spend a little more money, the tippmann a5 is a little bit better.

But not by that much. The tippmann a5 can shoot more paintballs per second, but both the a5 and the custom perform exceptionally well.

Tne tippmann a5 can shoot 23 bps with very good accuracy.

The Tippmann 98 Custome can shoot 17 bps with very good accuracy.

That is absolutely amazing, for the price range of these two paintball markers.

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I've been out of the sport for a while, after I decided to get back into it, I wanted to start fresh so I bought this package. My old spyder had bad seals, rust, mask was scratched up beyond repair so it was time for some new equipment.

Tippmann 98 custom markerPros: One of the most reliable markers on the market. These things take water, dust, mud, paint, and abuse like it's no big thing. When properly maintained they can last for a decade. They are easy to clean, lube, and upgrade.Cons: replacement parts/upgrades are way overpriced.

MaskPros: The mask they send you is actually a JT mask and better than the one pictured. Comes with Anti-fog film on the inside lens.Cons: Lens scratches easily.

Pod beltPros: Holds 1 C02 or air tank and 6 140 paintball capacity tubes which are durable and easy to pop open.Cons: Belt sags when fully loaded. Also the belt doesn't quite fit right if you are really skinny like me.

Overall a great set, I would recommend to anyone thinking of getting into the sport. The price is unbeatable; it would easily cost twice this much if items were bought in-store individually.

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Review 2

Just great. Got everything as said.(even got an extra squeegee) Arrived on the first estimated date. (3 days) works great even with the stock barrel. Alot of c02 coming out of the barrel though i would would recommend getting a new barrel for accuracy and less co2(snowing). Great for Woodsball. Sturdy. Hard to shoot fast though. Definitely a woodsball oriented paintball marker. Very good. Great Buy.

Review 3

This product is one of the most customizable markers on the market today. It's also one of the most reliable which is why so many fields use them as rentals. Originally, I had the drop in electronic kit but soon realized that it was more than I needed, even on a professional level. So I dropped it out and went back to basics. Besides, any experienced player knows that with good trigger manipulation you can make up for it, and it only takes a single shot to end your opponents day. Full Auto is great for defensive players who need to lay suppressive and grazing fire but for an offensive player it's not really needed. Another nice feature is the removable elbow which allows for quicker cleaning for ball breakages. The balance is pretty good, a little front heavy but the expansion chamber or fore-grip makes up for it. I recommend that you upgrade your stock barrel. The longer the barrel, the more friction occurs between the barrel and the paintball. And consequently more air pressure is needed to force the paintball out of paintball barrels. I use a 12" 32 Degrees Ice Cold Medium Bore Barrel which is just that, Ice Cold!!! With your velocity set at 285 fps and the use of quality (Diablo Blaze) medium bore paintballs this barrel shows no mercy. Don't waste your time trying to hide because with this barrel you should dominate the field.

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Tippmann 98 Custom

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