The Radness of a Paintball Bazooka

by admin on October 18, 2012

Yes, there is such a thing as a paintball bazooka (AKA paintball grenade launcher), and I am their biggest fan. Paintball bazookas are a great way to spice up your paintball game. And they can be pretty deadly on the paintball fields. Plus….. we should not discount the cool factor of these guns. They look ridiculously badass, and your friends will beg for a piece of their action.

Let's go through the benefits of a paintball bazooka, and see what these guns can do for you.
Paintball Bazookas Are Relatively Inexpensive

I say "relatively" because they are not cheap. A paintball bazooka costs around 400 dollars, which compared to a high end paintball gun, is an absolute steal. A decent paintball gun with all the bells and whistles costs around a grand. You could get two and a half paintball bazookas for that price. Or you could purchase a 600 dollar paintball gun AND a paintball grenade launcher.
Paintball Bazookas Are Beasts!
For 400 dollars… you get a lot of gun… Paintball grenade launchers are gigantic! And quite simply make all surrounding players gaze in admiration. Finally, some has done it.
A Paintball Bazooka Adds Realism
Now you can play paintball games that involve paintball grenade launchers. Which opens up a whole slew of possible war scenarios. A paintball bazooka will give you and your friends a sense of realism. Yes, these guns are model replicas of real life guns. Classical paintball rifles originally tried to do the same thing, but had little success. I guess the giant paintball hopper protruding from a paintball rifle gives it away….. most paintball guns won't fool anybody, but paintball bazookas look like the real deal.
Unlimited Ammunition Possibilities
Don't let the title of paintball bazookas fool you, you can put more than paintballs in these guns. The most common alternative is airsoft bb's, and in fact, many people prefer airsoft ammunition. The main reason being that airsoft ammunition is cheaper than paintballs. Paintball Bazookas allow you to Get creative though. You don't have to spend anything if you use various objects lying around the house. Just be carefull that you are not using any objects that could injure someone. Be safe, but feel free to experiment. A paintball bazooka can be loading with anything that will fit into its gigantic barrel.
Paintball Bazookas Are Devastating!
Good luck to all you unfortunate bazooka victims out there. Paintball grenade launchers hit multiple targets at once. Your ammunition (whatever that may be) will fire in all sorts of unpredictable angles. An opposing player will have no chance. Where can you hide, if every bit of area is being doused with paintballs? Fire one of these in the direction of the other team, and you've not only hit your main target…. you've hit a few of his buddies as well!
A paintball bazooka is not all that expensive, and overall, will be a really cool investmet. Not only do paintball bazookas look badass, they are also rather usefull on the paintball fields.

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