Spyder MR1 Paintball Marker Gun review

by admin on April 12, 2012

Spyder MR1 Paintball Marker Gun review

When it comes to paintball markers and accessories, Spyder is way ahead of the pack. Spyder is renowned for high quality, durable products aimed at both advanced and beginning paintball players.

The Spyder MR1 Paintball Marker is the ideal paintball gun for novice paintball players. The MR1 offers an impressive level of efficiency, ease of use, reliability and military sturdiness.

This gun can be used in any weather condition or terrain as is it is completely rust proof. Featuring a double finger trigger and a curved grip, this paintball gun offers maximum stability and functionality, allowing you to simply focus on the game.

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Product features

  • Easy field-strip friendly bolts
  • Removable barrel stock
  • Efficient sighting position
  • 12 inch brake barrel
  • Complete kit with tank, loader, goggles, harness and additional paint tubes
  • Double finger trigger
  • Curved grip with side plates
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • 20 oz Co2 Tank
  • Anti-double feed mechanism

The good

The Spyder MR1 is a great gun for beginners. It is very affordable and serves as a good testing marker for those who are new to the game. New users will also have an easy time assembling this marker.

The MRI comes with a pull pin that you can slide out, a field-strip friendly bolt and a full-length barrel. These features all work together to make this gun very accurate.  Beginners will be impressed by this gun’s high level of precision.

We also loved the fact that this gun is completely rust proof, which provides added durability. This military level marker is made out of aluminum with an anodized black finish. 

The MR1 requires minimal maintenance both on and off the field. It is very easy to dismantle and clean. It is also very easy to field-strip without the help of any tools allowing you to enjoy the game without interruptions. 

The MR1 is a semi-automatic gun and does not require any batteries to function. All its components are mechanical, which relieves you of the stress and inconvenience of checking batteries during a game; making the Spyder MR1 one of the most reliable markers on the market. 

The bad

Although it is made primarily out of aluminum, the Spyder MR1 has many plastic components in its construction. This means that some parts will wear off faster than others, requiring constant repair and replacement. However, the amount to which you’ll have to make replacements will depend on how much you use the gun.

Even though this gun is very accurate from short distances, some users may have issues when shooting from distances higher than 50 feet. However, the stock barrel contributes highly to the poor accuracy from long distances. Users might have to upgrade their stock barrel to a sniper or 14-inch+ barrel for more accuracy.

Because this marker was not built specifically for fast release, it may chop paint when you try to shoot too fast. Thus, users looking for a gun to play speedball may find this gun a little too slow for their taste. Some users may also find this gun to be a bit heavy compared to others in the same category. 

Unlike other paintball guns in the same category, the Spyder MR1 offers little in terms of accessories and upgrades. Users who are looking for a customizable marker may have issues with this gun. And since upgrades are limited, players who are looking for a unit they’ll be able to use for a long time may be disappointed. 

Our verdict

For a paintball marker of its capacity, the Spyder MRI is a worthwhile investment. Most users will have an easy time using this marker, and this gun is perfectly suited for new players. 

There are very few downsides to this marker, and it is highly recommended for those who are just starting out and looking for an affordable but reliable gun.

This gun’s capacity and functionality highly surpassed our expectations. The Spyder MRI matches up well with other guns of this caliber in terms of ease of use, especially when field stripping. All in all, the Spyder M1 is a high quality and highly durable piece of equipment that every paintball beginner should consider.
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