Spyder Electra Review

by admin on January 6, 2012

Spyder Electra Review

Today I'm proud to show off one of my favorite paintball guns in this Spyder Electra Review.

This gun is not the best ever created, but it just might be the best cheap paintball gun

Review 1

Bought this after being out of paintball for awhile I wanted a good midrange marker for all around paintballing. I have now used this for a 6 hour day at a local paintball park. Great marker with good rate of fire. Once I had chronographed it, I had no problems. I had heard that spyders run hot but it took several adjustment to get it up to 280fps. I definitely recommend getting a motorized hopper to make use of speed ramp. Great for beginners or midlevel players.

Review 2

It's got it all but I would not use Co2 for this gun, as it's hard on the seals but its rated for both HPA and Co2. Gun is louder than a ion / smartparts marker but the price is right and the gun looks loads better!!! , mask is ok not great but it didn't fog all that much, belt is ok but the straps for your tank aren't lined up well. PLUS the gun bag is made in Pakistan, I don't wish to support the middle east so be aware. all in all fast shipping from amazon!

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Review 3

Spyder Electra ACS paintball marker features a delrin ACS (anti-chop system) venturi bolt to minimize ball breaks, a reactive response rocking trigger frame version 2.0 which fires up to 30 balls per second in semi-auto mode, a 12" Aero Twist accuracy barrel that puts a slight spin on the ball, CAMD (Color Access Mode Display) 3.0 electronic board with easy to read color display that supports semi-auto, 3-round burst, 6-round burst, and full auto firing modes, double ball detent, tournament lock switch, tournament velocity adjuster, drop forward, low pressure chamber, bottom line setup with stainless steel hose, top cocking bolt, deluxe quick disconnect pin, electronic safety mode, battery indicator, operates on CO2 or compressed air.

Summary: This is an excellent gun, fast 20+ BPS, doesn't chop paintballs, and durable. No real weaknesses reported.

Review 4

OK, so I've had my Spyder Electra for about 10 months now and step by step I learned how to maintain a spyder and such from this very forum. So Now I'm writing a review for it.

I'll start of with the Pros and Cons:

Pros:Looks coolLight weightStock barrel is decentEasy to maintain.

Cons:Gas Thru foregrip-gheyComes with a junky plastic elbow.You could literally cut yourself with the side of the sight rail.


This gun performed great for me, I played several games with friends and several games at the field. I play a mix of woodsball and speedball. For both the gun works excellent. In a game I have never broken paint, had the gun break down, had a part break.The gun is good for speedball- I played a 3v3 with me my cousin and my dad v. These two other kids with Tippys and there dad with a spyder. My gun shot excellent and I bunkered one kid and I shot the other kid in the mask. Overall the gun performs great.

Reccomended Upgrades:

This section is for all of the upgrades that you may want or need in the future.As with any gun you will want a new barrel. A CP One Piece, Smart Parts Teardrop and Smart Parts Progressive all look sweet on this gun.

If you want to have yourself a nice little spyder you will want a reg: Bob Long Torpedo and Palmer's Stabilizer both work great on all Spyder's. Both regs handle c02 and HPA (nitro).

Those are pretty much all you really need to have a decent spyder but you MAY want:

Bolt- Spudnuck'l or SupaflyTrigger- CIP SweetspotGrips- Dye Sticky 3's (best out there)LPC- You don't nbeed one but the Twisted Volumizer looks pretty cool.


Overall this gun gets an A+ in performance, ( For a spyder atleast)An A for looks,An A+ for dependabilityAnd a B+ for Air Usage ( kind of a gas hog)

PM me with any suggestions and/or comments. I'm on here regulary if you need any more help.

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Spyder Electra Review

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