Sniper Paintball Rifle

by admin on January 6, 2012

Sniper Paintball Rifle

A sniper paintball rifle can either aid or burden your paintball ability. Some paintball players question the validity of sniper paintball guns. But they can be deadly on the paintball fields… And in many cases, the most deadly! But it really depends on the situation.

An absolute must is


paintball camo. The goal of a paintball sniper is to get easy kills while remaining hidden. The paintball gear that a sniper wears can be as imporantant as the gun he wields.

Stealth is the key to sniping success.


Paintball sniper rifles excel in bush ball, or any very large paintball field. A sniper gun does what you would expect, it fires a really long range, and has incredible accuracy.

Most good paintball teams need separate tasks for each individual teammate. Each specialized player has a role. For example, one player will provide cover, while another player moves to a safer position. Or one player decoys while another paintball player flanks opponents from a side angle.

Specialized roles are not only a good way to mix things up, diversification is a good strategy in general.

Well, I'm sure you can guess where a sniper paintball rifle fits in… these guns are certainly not decoys….. they're the finishers, the anhilators, the demolishers! Whatever you want to call them. A sniper operator will usually be left relatively safe while he pegs players from the other team.

And in bush ball, there is arguably no role more important than a paintball sniper. It's true, these players take all of the glory, but they deserve most of it. At the end of the day, if you tracked kills/death ratio for a paintball sniper, most snipers would have kill rates off the charts, and next to zero deaths. That is of course, assuming that the rest of his team provides a good set up. But even without teammates, a good paintball sniper uses stealth strategies, to unnoticeably win entire matches by himself.


The naysayers of paintball snipers complain that they were owned when they tested out one of the guns, but more often than not, the critics tested a paintball sniper in a speedball arena. Which is just ludicrous! These guns are meant to be used in scenarios that enable a stealthy player persona, which just is simply not the case for the speedball arena.

They are not meant to have a good fire rate, or close quarters combat.


A sniper is a good way to drastically improve your player performance on large paintball fields. They don't cost all that much, but yet, they will be better than expensive paintball guns in many situations.

If you're interested in paintball sniping, check out our sniper paintball rifle reviews


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