Smart Parts Proto SLG Review

by admin on January 6, 2012

Smart Parts Proto SLG Review

 The first thing that catches the eye about the Proto SLG is the price. Hands down it's the best stock marker at $200. Destroys the ion out of box. Now on to the review…

Looks- Very small and simple styling. The plastic frame and trigger are definitely not the most attractive however they do work and hold up (much better compared to the stock PMR frames). Very clean.

Design- Interesting design with the combination of a spool valve and a sear. While the clicking of the sear is noticeably louder than other fully EP guns but while shooting with paint, no substantial sound difference can be heard (comparing to most poppet style guns).

Sear has been solid and reliable thus far. One screw to remove the back cap and bolt. Very easy to clean and maintain. I love the new Hyper 3 reg due to it's smaller size and added grips. For those of you who stated it has major kick, you are right, when comparing it to a high end DM or PM; however, have you ever shot a real gun? Kick? Get over it. It's minuet at best.

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Electronics- Settings for most players needs. There is no dwell however. 20 bps cap is more than sufficient. I'm not a fan of dipswitches however these are relatively easy to use. The virtue featherlight micro switch (25g) has thouroughly made the SLG faster and more responsive. No chops with eyes on or off.

Overall:The SLG is small, tight and light. The feedneck, barrel and asa need to be replaced asap. The trigger spring has a pretty hard pull so cutting it is required however I recommend a rollerbearing trigger with magnets to get that smooth pull. The stock microswitch is fine as is, but i prefer very sensitive triggers. Proto claims 1500 shots off of a 68/45 and they aren't kidding.

I got 1500 shots from my 68/45 and still had 1k left in the tank and that's before being broken in. The SLG does require more lubing but it's a small price to pay for what performance it has. It has been rumored that a UL frame is in the works for it and I'm sure I'll be picking that up when it is released. No chops and only a few barrel brakes due to poor sizing and white box paint. That being said, it did shoot ropes with year old paint ;-)

Review # 2

About three months ago I purchased a black proto slg. All I can say is wow!!! This gun has got to be the best bang for your buck on the market today. These guns were introduced to compete with the smart parts Ion in the “pro level performance at entry level prices” category. Right off the bat I noticed how light this gun was. This was due to the fact that several parts on the gun are made from a composite “plastic like” material. But don’t be fooled this stuff is extremely durable! next was how small the gun was, It sports a very sleek and low profile design. Which makes it great for staying tight in the bunkers.

So far the gun had me very impressed and I hadn’t even shot it yet! But after running my first hopper through it, I was sold. It shot extremely fast and I had no problem walking the trigger. It was also very smooth and consistent, and that’s saying something for a gun fresh out of the box and without the regulator being broken in. I would however recommend purchasing an after market trigger and barrel, as the stock ones are slightly sub par.

I’m giving this gun two enthusiastic thumbs up! whether your new to the game or an experienced veteran this gun will not disappoint.

Review #3

This is one SMALL Gun. I actually didn't notice this completely until I had the marker gassed up and ready to play, but there was very little difference in the way of weight compared to a matrix and it is quite noticably lighter than my BM, Trilly, the Pimp or any of the Ions that I've tested. The body is absolutely gorgeous and there were no marks, and the grips are actually quite nice. Its a very simple look, but I like it.

The marker came in an absolutely tiny box, but it is pretty well protected. Its not like the mini's case, but I think I'll still store the marker in it. Inside it comes with a pretty simple Proto barrel, some lube, an extra o-ring kit, extra detents, a battery, and the crappiest barrel sock you've ever seen (seriously Dye can you not even put your name on it?). Curiously, my package was missing an instruction manual. Though I had no trouble finding one on the net, it was a little annoying.

The Good:

Again, this marker is very light, I think it weighs as much with the tank as my friend's pimp does without (that might be a stretch). After gasing up I went to chrono and a few shots later I was getting about +/- 8. Seeing as I haven't broken the reg in yet I was pretty happy.

The electronics are very simple and easy to figure out, they have all kinds of modes that I'll never use and the eyes seem to work fairly well. I'd heard of some people having trouble with the eyes when using small bore paint, but my paint sized out at .686 and I had absolutely no trouble.

I've also heard of some people having trouble with the detents, but again mine seem fine, even when I ran some reballs through it. Once in the game I was walking the trigger fairly well (bear in mind I can't outshoot a Revvy without ramping). I didn't check the bps I was getting to give you data, but it probably wasn't more than about 10 (human limitation not the gun).

The trigger isn't the best in the world, but I haven't really played with it at this point. Besides you can't expect perfection in a value-priced marker.

As for accuracy, it was very good for me (I was using a barrel kit so I had a good paint match). I suspect that I will get VERY good accuracy once the reg is broken in- comparable to my autocockers, or the Mini's I've used. Finally, maintenance looks to be a cinch: the bolt is simple to remove (especially with the purge button on the back) and the lubing/regulator disassembly is well outlined in the manual. I didn't have any breaks in my time, but if I did the main body would be very easy to clean.

The Bad…

After about an hour of use, the hosing blew off of the marker while I still had it gassed up. Fortunately I was prepared for this since again, I had heard of some people having this problem.

I took this opportunity to put my Empire on/off on the gun, rather than deal with fixing the Airport, but it seems like this may be a problem for the SLG. Hopefully they'll clear it up in the second run of the guns (remember the Mini had all kinds of proplems in its first run too).

The only other problem for me is the feedneck which is not very useful at all. Given the price, its probably unfair to expect a clamping feedneck, but the o-ring system is useless. For now I just removed the o-rings and taped the bottom of my hopper until it fit. In the future I'll probably get a new feedneck, but for now my solution works just fine.


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