Scenario Paintball Guns

by admin on January 6, 2012

Scenario Paintball Guns

Are you tired of playing the same old paintball game. How about trying out some scenario paintball guns.

Not only will you look a lot cooler with a more realistic paintball gun , you'll have more options as well.

Maybe you want to go for an Ak-47 military style paintball gun. You'll be pleased with the exceptional rate of fire, and badass look.

Or maybe you need a paintball bazooka to blast the competition away.

Well whatever you need, this site can help you find the right scenario paintball gun for you.

Let's start with the more common guns, and then move to some of the more gigantic beasts.

Scenario Rifles – Sweet!

Unlike a typical paintball marker, there are multiple types of scenario paintball rifles.

You can have an assault rifle, a sub machine gun, or even a sniper paintball rifle


All of these guns will perform in different ways, and are fairly accurate representations of the real weapons.

For example, with a paintball sniper rifle, you won't be able to fire as many paintballs as an assault rifle, but you will have really awesome range and accuracy.

And with an ak-47 replica, you'll have a wicked awesome firing rate, and blasting power, but less range and accuracy.

Paintball Grenade Launcher

Insane right!!!!

Imagine the power of a paintball grenade launcher

Well, it will perform as well as you would think it would. Enemies will be afraid… very, very afraid!

You can load up to a thousand paintballs into a paintball grenade launcher, and then unload it at your opponents.

This type of paintball does not have great accuracy, but with the amount of paintballs you'll be able to fire, accuracy is unnecessary.

If you point a paintball bazooka at an enemy base, you are more than likely to nail an opponent, without having to have any sort of precise aiming.

Sounds cool right?

Paintballers love this gun. And now it's possible to buy a paintball grenade launcher attachment.

Which is the exact same thing, except that it is added onto your paintball marker.

So you can have the accuracy and precision of your paintball marker, combined with the power of a paintball bazooka.


More Information

check out my page on realistic paintball guns to learn more about scenario paintball guns

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