Realistic Paintball Rifles

by admin on January 6, 2012

Realistic Paintball Rifles

Realistic paintball rifles were introduced to the paintball community by Real Action Paintball. And boy are we glad that these guns were invented.

The most popular realistic paintball rifle models are snipers and an AK-47, but Real Action Canada also manufactures imitations of other real life guns (such as an M4, etc).

Should you get a rifle, or are there other realistic paintball guns?

There are other realistic paintball guns, but a paintball rifle should ALWAYS be your first choice for the paintball fields.

The other options are pretty cool as well, Real Action Canada also provides realistic paintball pistols and paintball bazookas.


The realistic paintball pistols are a great secondary option. Ie. When your primary paintball gun runs out of ammo. And the paintball bazooka is pretty cool, but cannot be used for paintball tournaments.

Two types of rifles

So yes, realistic paintball rifles should be your main consideration. But there are two types of rifles, sniper paintball rifles, and assault rifles.


Which one should you get?

Well, it really depends on your playing style. Many paintball players will have great success with a sniper, many players will have great success with an assault rifle, but very few players can play well with both.

Basically, the way you play determines which gun will be best for you. If you're the type of player that strategically uses stealth to peg opponents off, then a sniper paintball rifle will be best for you.

If you're the type of player that thrives on action, and likes to charge in running and gunning, then an assault rifle should be your gun of choice. Return to Realistic Paintball Guns


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