Realistic Paintball Guns

by admin on January 5, 2012

Realistic Paintball Guns

Would you be excited if I told you that there was such a thing as realistic paintball guns?

well some of us would be. Others not so much.

Some paintball players believe that paintball should not be realistic. And the logic is understandable.

Some people like to think of paintball as a fantastical world, in which there is no fictional connection to real life.

The guru stands on the other side of the fence. We like the idea of pretending that paintball is a battlefield. And many times, the paintball guru crew enjoys recreating old battles from WWII or other famous world events.

If you prefer unrealistic guns, and don't like the idea of a higher level of realism, then this page is not for you.

Those of us who are familiar with paintball know that in most cases paintball guns are very abstract looking. In other words there's no comparing them to any real life guns. Many paintballers want a solution to this. And in the past the easy answer was to switch to airsoft. After all, airsoft guns do look ridiculously legit, and you can still play shooting games with them. Read the Guru's article on Airsoft vs paintball to better understand the difference between the two sports. Paintball is significantly different than airsoft though, and many paintballers would rather someone come up with a realistic paintball gun. Most paintball players sided with paintball for a reason, it is more of a sport than airsoft.

Realistic Paintball GunsDue to the standard design of a paintball gun, creating any degree of realism is no easy task. For many years, there was no such paintball gun to arrive.

Finally a new breed of paintball guns are here. And the guru was really excited to see it. We were somewhat skeptical at first, because many times, new inventions experience growing pains. Lets just say our expectations were low. We still liked that the process towards a properly functioning realistic paintball gun was started, but we were not totally convinced that these new guns on the block were "good" quality yet.

Well the guru team has now got their hands on these guns, and yes they're realistic. But even more excitingly, they are LEGIT!

Not only are they functioning properly, they own on the paintball fields. Whoever designed these bad boys must have put a considerable amount of time and effort.

Even if these paintball guns were not replicas, they would still be considered the guru's number one choice of paintball guns, due to quality alone.

update tippmann paintball guns are the current heavyweight company for military paintball guns. You can see how well the realistic paintball guns rank by visiting the guru's paintball gun reviews.

Realistic Paintball Pistols? or Rifles?

Real action paintball has come up with realistic replicas for both rifles and pistols.

A player who wants to use these guns in public venues, will have more success with a rifle. But the pistols are still pretty cool to have in your arsenal. The pistols are also more affordable. The problem with having only a pistol is that the rate of fire will not be that high, you will lose a little accuracy, and you won't be able to quickly reload.

While Paintball pistols have their uses in close range combat, and for when your main gun runs out of ammo. A paintball pistol should not be your primary paintball gun. So please do not purchase only a paintball pistol, and feel like you have an advantage on the paintball field. Paintball pistols are advantageous only when combined with a paintball rifle. Take a look at the guru's analysis of realistic paintball pistols

For competition against other opponents, the realistic rifle model is your best bet. Don't get me wrong, the pistols are awesome. But these rifles function at a considerably higher level. Paintball pistols do have the upper hand with maneuverability and price. But these rifles are among the elite when it comes to paintball accuracy and rate of fire. Which are the two most important aspects for paintball guns.

For The Best Selection Of Realistic Paintball Markers, Visit Real Action Paintball!


Cool Beans!

Take a look at the guru's analysis of realistic paintball rifles

If you are finished looking at realistic paintball guns, take a look at our paintball gun reviews Or return to the guru's HomePage

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