Pure Energy N2 Compressed Air Tank 72ci 3000psi

by admin on January 5, 2012

Pure Energy N2 Compressed Air Tank 72ci 3000psi

This HPA tank is fairly similar to the ninja aluminum n2 tank in that it will do exactly what it's supposed to do. No more… but definitely no less.

Many paintball players absolutely love the idea of getting exactly what they ask for out of a paintball tank. Consistent air and durability that is reliable.

The one major disadvantage of this tank is it's size. At 72 cubic inches, it can seem fairly heavy. 3000psi is about average, so no complaints there.

I would say that it performs about as well as the ninja. The ninja costs 49 dollars. This paintball tank costs 63 dollars

what are you paying an extra 14 dollars for?

some may argue this point. But it seems to me like it is just a matter of brand names. Pure Energy has made a name for itself in the paintball community.

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Pure Energy products are almost always reliable. And their customer service is exceptional. For that reason, they can have a lot more success selling at a higher price point.

Don't get me wrong, 63 bucks for a decent hpa paintball tank is nothing to sneeze at. But the ninja aluminum n2 tank costs less, and is arguably an even better air system.

In my humble opinion, you cannot go wrong with pure energy paintball tanks. While I would rather own a ninja paintball tank, I also realize that most people opt for a pure energy tank.

Pure Energy has the brand name to stand by their products, but both ninja and pure energy are worthy of our time.

Other Pure Energy Options

just thought I should let you know that Pure energy has a wide selection of paintball tanks.

Both their selection of n2 tanks, and co2 tanks are great. But their co2 paintball tanks are exceptionally good.

If you are on a budget, and choose to use a paintball co2 tank then you really cannot do better than the Pure Energy Co2 tank.

Take a look at our paintball tank rankings for co2 tanks. The Pure Energy is #1. An excellent brand for both co2 and n2 tanks, but especially for co2.


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