Pump Paintball Guns

by admin on January 5, 2012

Pump Paintball Guns

It used to be, that pump paintball guns would ONLY sell because they were cheaper than an automatic paintball gun.

Well that is no longer the case….

Sure, price may still be a major contributing factor for the customers of paintball pump guns, but paintball consumers are starting to appreciate pump guns for their playability.

Of course, if you're looking to spend less money, these guns are considerably cheaper.

Why They're Awesome!

I don't like calling these guns cheap paintball markers because they can be fairly high quality.

In the last couple years, there has been rising demand for pump paintball guns, and consequently, a paintball customer has a much larger selection to choose from then ever before.

And in the growing market for paintball pump guns, some more expensive models have been created.


While a pump paintball marker will never be able to match the amount of balls fired per second, they can excel in other areas.

The top quality 'pump' markers can have accuracy and consistency that is the best around. (including the automatic markers).

Furthermore you'll still save a ton of money on paintball supplies :)


How Much Money Will You Save?

First of all, these guns ARE NOT cheap paintball markers. They can even cost several hundred dollars. And yet, they will save you a lot of money.

How is that possible?

Well, what is always the biggest expense in paintball?

The Paintballs!!!

Automatic paintball markers have been known to waste a ridiculous amount of paintballs. Sometimes, a player may use as many as a couple hundred dollars worth of paintballs in a single day.

And it makes sense…. if you have a paintball gun that can fire 30 paintballs per second, you're bound to waste a whole ton of paintballs.

And paintballs are not cheap.

A paintball pump gun may only use 10-30 dollars worth of paintballs in a single day. Which is a HUGE difference.

You could actually buy a decent pump paintball gun with the money you'd save in paintballs for a single day on the fields.


Remember that these guns will still be incredibly accurate. You just won't be able to pull off the machine gun action of an automatic paintball gun.

You'll have to play more stealthy, like a sniper.

paintball pump markers can be a whole lot of fun, they'll save you a ton, and they are now fairly high quality.

learn more about pump paintball guns and other paintball information by looking through the rest of my site :)


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