Planet Eclipse SL74 Ego Review

by admin on January 5, 2012

Planet Eclipse SL74 Ego Review

There are not many paintball markers out there that are more expensive than the Planet Eclipse SL74 Ego This paintball gun retails at $1999 dollars. Holy cow! And unless you're as good as Ollie Lang, you're going to have to pay a lot of money to get your hands on this bad boy.

That being said, this an absolutely gorgeous marker.

 Everything associated with the bolt action: speed, kick, precision, etc., is simply top-notch. I really can't complain. The 1.87 lbs is definately noticeable, and advantageous; but paradoxically a downside IMO (i'll explain below).

The buttons that interface with the board are truely user-friendly. Easy to access, lots of space to place your fingers on, doesn't require much force to use (although resistant enough to not allow inadvertent pressing while playing), and gives great button response, i.e. the click sound & feel that ensues after presses.

The electronic interface is simple and str8 forward; although some sections of the menu interface are a little cryptic, but nothing one can't handle after reading/seeing the easy-2-read instructions. I must say, this marker is near-perfect physically.

When I first took the gun out of the case, i was very suprised how light it was (i believe it is lighter than the 07 ego)

The gun comes with 5 barrels. Three backs, and two fronts. The two fronts are 14in and 16in.Personally, the sl74 is one of the most lightest guns on the market.

Dont you just hate it when your playing in the sun, and your trigger sensor isnt responding? Well, the planet eclipse makers made a micro switch so if your sensor doesnt work, you have the switch.

It does have a few cons though. Easily and most notably, the price. The overall value of a gun is a function of many things, including price, right?.

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So, to digress, getting a Ferrari Enzo – under the current circumstances – at the price of a 2007 BMW M3 would be an awesome value, notwithstanding MPG considerations and having to be vigilant of the cops ;-) . But how many of you out there would be willing to pay the actual market price of the Enzo to own it? So getting back on track, would you pay almost $2k for a marker that is marginally better than those costing $1250, i.e. Ego 07? The "extra" value just isn't worth shelling out an extra 60%. Moreover, and ironically, the weight (IMO) is actually more of a negative than positive.

Here's why. Using a fully-loaded Halo (w/ Boost battery) actually increases the torgue when considering side-to-side movement. That is, pivoting left to right (or vice-versa) from the top of the trigger frame. The more weight you have on the top, the more difficult it is to pivot the marker in such directions. This may be a non-issue if you are adept at snap-shooting W/O having to even move the marker; but in some circumstances, such actions are demanded.

I would definitely recommend the SL74 especially for someone who is willing to try an Ego. Although still expensive compared to other markers in the same genre, it can be acquired reasonable given the expensive prices of the newer Egos.

I would certainly not worry about the marker not in warranty because of Eclipse's renowned customer service, PE community, and ease of maintenance.

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The Planet Eclipse SL74 is one of the best markers in the game, but it costs a small fortune.

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