Planet Eclipse ETEK 3 LT Review

by admin on January 5, 2012

Planet Eclipse ETEK 3 LT Review

The Planet Eclipse ETEK 3 LT is widely regarded as the best bang for your buck paintball gun money can buy.

ETEK 3 LT comparable to the EGO … At a MUCH LOWER COST

the Planet Eclipse Ego costs $700+

the Planet Eclipse ETEK costs $500

(in this video, Paintball TechPB says the ETEK is better than the ego)


So What Is The Difference?


The only significant difference between an EGO and an ETEK is the design work. Supposedly, there is more effort placed into the appearance of a Planet Eclipse Ego.

So to some people, a fancy design is worth hundreds of dollars more. I personally don't care about the added fanciness. Especially since the ETEK looks pretty darn slick to begin with.

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Luxurious Design

Great Price

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Customer Testimonials

awsome marker right out of the box, VERY light and even easier to won't go wrong with this one for the price it keeps up with the best of them even better then some high priced markers. I have a all stock w/the degi camo and all i play is woods ball the Etek 3 has not let me down and i suspect it never will. i have been playing for over 5 years and have gone thru meny meny markers such as but not limited to
fully upgraded Ion-dark timmy-etek ego 06- bob long marq 6 boblong defiant- mini-and so on too meny to list my point is the etek 3 is by far my favorite I also have a tippmann a5 a bt delta elite and a ion but all i use is the etek 3 yes even for woods ball
if you have the 475 to spend Buy this marker

-Chris Seden


Planet Eclipse released the new Etek in late 2009, the Etek3 LT and AM models.

I tested them out, and this is what I think about the marker:

Straight out of the box, the Etek3 shoot pretty nicely. A little tinkering with the LPR and dwell, and it shot even nicer. In my opinion the Etek3 need a little more work than the previous models, before it is properly shot in? 

Still, even the cheaper of the two models didn't let me down. I was a little worried about how the frame and feedneck was going to last the going on speedball field. These things are made out of reinforced nylon if I don't remember wrong. But I was worried for nothing. Both frame and feedneck seems to be pretty robust, and don't crack easily. I actually managed to make some pretty ugly dives, but no problems. Also the eye-covers are made from the same material as the feedneck and frame, but not worried about how they will last =)
The board on the LT-model is pretty much like the ones on the earlier Eteks. You see the settings on the marker by the three leds in the frame. Pretty simple, and doesn't require much learning to be mastered.

One of the biggest changes on the Etek3 model is, that it takes Ego rammers. It comes stock with the Zick kit. But hey, now you can put a Zick2 in the etek. Nice.

You can later on upgrade your Etek3 LT so it is similar to the AM model. With the Etek3 LT upgrade kit you get the metal feedneck, frame and eye covers, and if you're really going to pimp you etek, you can get the Emortal board. The Emortal board don't fit the Etek3 LT, but once you get the upgrade kit, you can get it installed.

-Dan Toolsie



  • The trigger is awesome. It is a micro-switch trigger with a real light sanppy feel. It is 3 point ajustable, nut fit me to my liking right out of the box.
  • The reg is from the Ego 10 and is very consistent
  • The LED lights have 8 different colors and are very easy to program. With programmable moder, ROF cap (eyes on or off) Debounce settings, dwell, BIP and a ton more.
  • The barrel has a very lond control back so it is very accurate and consistent
  • The lpr has a vent hole to help prevent solenoid damage if the gun overcharges.
  • The oops on/offf ASA is probably one of my favorite features. It is real easy to degas your gun.
  • The gun feels very good in my hands. It has rubbery grips and the macroline fitting swivels so you can shoot right hand or left hand w/o having to deal with the macroline fitting digging into your paw.
  • The gun is super efficient. (I get 1600-1700shots off my 68/45)
  • As previously stated my first 3 shots were 297fps and everytime I chrono it it is within 10 fps of 300fps.
  • This gun is very simple you don't need to mess with it, it will shoot great out of the box and is as tough as nails. It is also highly upgradeable to the point of being an Ego 10 w/o a fancy paint job.
  • Packaging is very nice. It comes with a metal zipper box with a HUGE parts kit (at least a 5 times rebuild) a nice color manual and a nice set of allen keys. The gun also comes with a battery and enough lube to last you well over 6 months.

    Summary: If you are trying to decide between an FX and a Etek 3 Lt, get the Etek 3 Lt it is a more simplistic gun and Planet Eclipse will never let you down.


  • -James Sanders


    I can read off the specifications like one of the posters below me, but just go buy the gun. It is all you will need. If you want the LCD screen then just save a hundered and buy a used EGO 10

    The gun is perfect. For the price pay you can not go wrong. I am not a serious player; just a weekend paintballer that may go 2 times a month and it is all I could ask for. If I started playing more speedball the gun would still be all I would need. It is fast!! I was have no played for about 4 years and was looking for a mid level gun to get back into the game with. The Etek is the best gun for the money.


    -Levi Brodland



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