Paintball vs Airsoft

by admin on January 5, 2012

Paintball Vs Airsoft

Deciding between paintball vs airsoft is like deciding between apples and oranges. Both fruits are incredibly tasty, and most don't like limiting themselves to just one variety.

Why not have it all?

Apples and Oranges, Paintball and Airsoft!

I highly recommend you test out each and every flavor out there. Some people prefer paintball – some prefer airsoft – some people even prefer the laser shooters.

This co2 paintball guru page is here to help you determine the best shooter. But, that does not mean that I recommend only one shooter simulation. Like most of the people who choose to read this page, I'll take all the shooter simulations I can get. Airsoft, paintball, laser tag, call of duty, halo… I love them all!

Paintball Advantages

Paintball trumps airsoft in very significant ways. Maybe the most important is the accessibility of paintball. Our extreme sport has become so popular, that finding a place to play is a relatively easy task.

Airsoft popularity does not even come close… and as a result, there are not as many venues that support airsoft. Good luck finding a place to play!

NEXT – paintball vs airsoft pain

I know that there are a lot of tough guys out there, but nobody (well almost nobody) enjoys pain. And paintballs hurt a lot less than an airsoft bb.

The velocity of an airsoft gun can be well over two times as much as a paintball gun. YIKES! If you thought that a paintball can hurt you, just wait till you try out airsoft.

NEXT – More Sponsorship Opportunites

As noted earlier, airsoft is not as popular. And with that means that there is not as much of an airsoft business. At least not as much tied to airsoft competitions. Most airsoft consumers collect gun replicas, which is their main incentive for purchasing airsoft guns.

Which is cool, but it also means that companies are less willing to dish out dollars for players because most airsoft equipment will be used privately. And certainly will not get the exposure that a paintball tournament could garner. Paintball Sponsorships are real, and quite common. It's not all that hard to get a paintball sponsorship. Basically, you need to be a half decent player that's willing to participate in tournaments. Sounds great to me!

Airsofters will claim that their sport is cheaper. Well paintball can cost you nothing if you're affiliated with a good paintball company….. And there's nothing cheaper than nothing!

Airsoft Advantages – Realistic Airsoft Markers AND More Cost Efficiency

Now we have to take the airsoft side of paintball vs airsoft.

There are two MAIN ways that airsoft dominates… and that is through realistic markers and less expensive gear and ammunition.

Realistic Airsoft Markers

Airsoft guns are WAY more realistic than paintball markers. The typical airsoft marker looks like it took part in a modern day battlefield.

A standard paintball marker looks like…. a paintball marker. It's hard to compare a paintball gun to anything else because it really is distinctly unique. It sort of has a gun-like shape, but with an abstract spin to it. There are paintball guns that look real, but that is the exception, not the rule!

And Now…. the main reason people play airsoft = a much more cost effective hobby. Airsoft is incredibly cheap. Not only is airsoft gear less expensive, you can buy a whole ton of airsoft bb's for very cheap.

Comparably, paintball ammunition will cost a lot more. A day of paintballing can set you back over a hundred or two dollars. A day of airsofting can cost less than 20-30 bucks. They are not even close when it comes to price.

That being said, you get what you pay for, as far as I am concerned. Airsoft ammunition is cheaper, but it was designed with target practice in mind. And as a result, it won't be as peer to peer friendly as paintball.

Paintballs hurt a lot less than airsoft bb's. Paintballs were created with human targets in mind, airsoft bb's were NOT.

Airsoft can still be played against other people. Just keep in mind that it will hurt a lot more, and you should be properly protected. And you'll need a lot more gear to be properly protected in airsoft. Airsoft vests, and thick articles of clothing are an absolute must.

Airsoft vs Paintball

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