Paintball Tournaments

by admin on January 4, 2012

Paintball Tournaments

Paintball tournaments are the best way to determine paintball success. which is why a tournament is the most popular format for all paintball players; professional paintball players, and for the casual recreational players who want to one up their buddies.

The co2 paintball guru will tell you…..

1- How to become an official paintball tourney player

2- How to set up a paintball tourney

3- Paintball rules and regulations

4- How to find paintball tournaments near you

How to become a playa!

A sponsorship is the best way to become a tournament player, but sponsorships are hard to find, and you can participate in some paintball action without one.

How to become a tournament player

A paintball tourney sounds badass. Let's set one up!

Tourneys can be set up at an actual paintball field but they can also be played right out in the bush. This co2 paintball guide will help you with both.

Paintball tournaments – How to setup

Tournament rules and regulations

Paintball players need to learn the rules and regulations. Nobody wants to train incorrectly, so learn what you can, and cannot do, during paintball tourney action.

Tournament rules and regulations

Is there a paintball tournament near you?

Many players struggle to find paintball competitions, but they are not all that hard to find. But they can be easily found in many directories on the internet.

Let the co2 paintball guru help you find some paintball action.

Just for fun – Fictional Paintball Event

Paintball fans ask this all the time — Who is the best paintball player in the world. Basketball has Michael Jordan, golf has tiger woods, who's the man for paintball.

Well its a tough question for anyone to answer, but if anyone can do it, its the co2 paintball guru.


Co2 paintball guru- Well, I don't really think the paintball community will ever know the answer. The reason being that paintball is much more of a team sport than most athletic competition. Sure, you can have one player dominate on the paintball fields, but it is usually because he has a good set up from the rest of his teammates. And who is a better player, the player who sets his teammates up for easy kills? Or the player who gets the most kills? The paintball community will debate over one or the other.

That being said, I really like what I'm seeing from this Ollie Lang kid. If there was a fictional competition between the best paintball players in the world, I would not be surprised to see him come out on top! The Co2 Paintball Guru Homepage

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