Paintball Store Reviews

by admin on January 4, 2012

Paintball Store Reviews

Paintball store reviews are a very important resource for the paintball consumers. It's hard to know where to buy paintball gear, if you do not what stores offer the best reliability and price. And let's face it, we want to be good consumers, but there are just way too many paintball stores to go through.

Well this page is for you because the guru has gone through each and every large paintball store on the net, and has formulated his list on the best places to buy.


#1 Real Action Paintball

Real action paintball is the best option for most paintball consumers.

Real Action Paintball offers something unique to the paintball community…. Realistic Paintball Guns


AKA- RAP4 paintball guns. These realistic paintball guns are a revolutionary step for paintball merchandise. Not only do these guns look really awesome, they outperform all paintball guns that are in their price range.

A Rap4 paintball gun will cost around 400 dollars. Which is an absolute steal for a quality paintball gun.

Real Action Canada does more than distribute realistic paintball rifles, this company also sells realistic pistols, sniper rifles, paintball bazookas, etc.

The one major complaint against RAP4 guns is that they are not fully automatic, which is ridiculous, because paintball fields don't allow players to use fully automatic settings anyways. Even if you have a fully automatic gun, you aren't allowed to use it.

A Rap4 paintball gun is the absolute best investment you can buy for paintball play, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg either.

#2 Paintball Online

Paintball online has the best selection of paintball gear on the net.

The only downside of paintball online, is that the store offers nothing new to the paintball community. The store simply sells the most popular paintball items at a reasonable price, but it does not sell any revolutionary or exclusive products.

Which is why Real Action Canada continues to take the throne for best paintball store. Realistic paintball guns are exclusive to Real Action Canada. And Paintball Online has nothing to call their own.

That being said, many customers will appreciate Paintball Online the most. They have all the biggies, Tippman, angel, you name it, etc. And they are all at the lowest prices available around. If you are planning to buy a good quality popular paintball gun for cheap, then Paintball Online is your best bet.

Paintball Online and other well known online paintball stores have made it clear that online shopping is superior. You can save a ton of money by ordering products online vs a brick and mortar store.

Paintball Online isn't fancy, but they get the job done. And for the basics, this store is #1

#3 Canada Paintball

Paintball store reviews has Canada Paintball as the best online store for Canadian consumers. But the problem, as you may guess, is that only Canadians can be customers. Which is a very unfortunate move for Canada Paintball because the majority of online paintball shoppers are not Canadian.

Canada Paintball is similar to Paintball Online, all of the most popular paintball products will be available at a decent price.

The advantage of buying from Canada Paintball is Lower shipping rates for Canadians. Their prices are comparable to Paintball Online, so you will save money by buying from them (if you're Canadian). If not, then Paintball Online is your best online store for the paintball basics.


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