Paintball Sponsorships

by admin on January 4, 2012

Paintball Sponsorships

What paintballer doesn't want to be fully funded through paintball sponsorships. You get only the best gear, and you are entitled to unlimited paintballs.

Pretty much as good as it gets. Think of playing the sport you know and love, as much as you want, for free.

And know that it's probably not as hard as you might think. It's not always the best player that gets sponsored. Most of the time, it's the player who is the most dedicated.

Ever heard the expression "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," that's very much what you are dealing with.

Sure, the Ollie Lang's out there will get paintball sponsorships without needing to put themselves out there. For the few of us that OWN the paintball field, not much effort is necessary.

For those of us Joe Sixpacks out there, we'll have to rely on some good ol' social networking.

Find out who makes the decisions for each paintball company near your area. Chances are that person will be looking for a reason to sign somebody. And trust me, that person is about 10X more likely to sign a familiar face, than a total stranger.

Introduce yourself and sound passionate about your sport.

But here's the real key, don't try and get the job right off the bat. The paintball sponsor will very likely get somewhat defensive. It is entirely there decision, and that's the way they like to feel.

Instead, talk about your love for paintball. And how much you play the sport. Feel free to exaggerate a little…

The Don'ts

Don't approach them aggressively, they have the power, not you.

Don't talk about how much you love their paintball company. Paintball sponsors see right through this brown nosing, and it certainly won't win you any points.

Don't ask.


Do be friendly

Do boast about paintball

Do talk about paintball friends. Paintball sponsors love when their sponsored players have lots of friends. They slobber at the idea of potential business.

If they get the impression that you will convert a good number of your friends to their brand, that may be enough right there to get you signed.

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