Paintball Sponsors For Rookies

by admin on January 4, 2012

Paintball Sponsors For Rookies

Today, I'm going to discuss paintball sponsors for rookies.

Why they exist, why you need one, and finally (but probably most importantly) how to get signed to a paintball sponsor.

Paintball sponsors can be found at websites like these…

Why They Exist?

Contrary to what many paintball players believe, companies usually do not sponsor a player solely out of the kindness of the heart. Most of the time, a company will sponsor a paintball player because they believe that it is in THEIR best interest.

Why would it be good for them?

Signing a player is a way to advertise their business. Most of these contracts obligate players to exclusively wear gear from their affiliated company.

The logic is that, a good player will be noticed. And if a good player draws attention to himself, he will also draw attention to the gear that he CHOOSES* (as noted earlier, he doesn't really choose) to wear. Which will persuade prospective players to purchase that company's products. As well as simply increasing the overall popularity of a particular brand etc.

Why Do You Need One?

Well, we all know that paintball isn't cheap. A day at the fields can cost a fortune. If you have top of the line paintball equipment, you'll likely have to pay over a grand. And then on top of that, the top of the line paintball gun is going to fire a TON of paintballs per second. Which means more, and more moolah….

So how can you afford all of this?

Well, most of us can't!!! And that's why a paintball sponsor for rookies is so important. Without a meal ticket, you have to settle for scraps. And it's hard to make it anywhere in the paintball world with sub-quality paintball gear.

How To Get One?

You really have to look at it as a job interview. Optimize the reasons for a company to select you. In general, most of these companies have a set number of sponsorships that they are willing to distribute. Therefore, you are competing against other paintball applicants. Usually, the best paintball player will win, but there are a few things to tilt the odds in your favor.

Paintball sponsors for rookies…

you should approach paintball companies near the end of a paintball season. Earlier in the season, they will already have there set list of affiliated players. And in the offseason they will be looking for new paintball rookies. Go as early as you can to get your foot in the door.

Next, you should let them know that you want to attend MANY paintball events. No company wants to sign a player who only casually participates. Remember, their goal is to get the word out about there product. So make sure that they believe that you would be good at that task. That's all it really boils down to, dollars and cents. If they think that YOU are a good investment, then they will invest, if they don't, then they won't.

So make sure you improve your game as much as you can. paintball sponsors are not for beginners. You'll have to learn all the in and outs of the paintball game.

That being said, it's ok to let a paintball company know that you don't have a ton of paintball experience. That way, if you are a relatively good player, they will recognize that you have a lot of potential.

So in a sense, paintball sponsors for rookies is somewhat impossible. But not that unattainable. You need to be a little better than a rookie, with some decent skills and upward potential.

Hope this helps, Co2 Paintball Guru return from Paintball Sponsors For Rookies to Paintball For Beginners

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