Is a Paintball Silencer Legal?

by admin on January 4, 2012

Is A Paintball Silencer Legal Or Illegal?

Is a paintball compressor or paintball silencer legal?

You'll be glad you checked this page, because in many places, they are NOT!

You have to check the jurisdiction of the particular region that you reside, but paintball compressors are not legal in many areas, including the UNITED STATES.

The U.S. bans any silencer for any form of firearm. Which includes paintball guns. It's rather unfortunate that paintball guns aren't considered an exception. And to be completely honest, I don't think many people would have a problem with them. However, technically speaking, a paintball silencer is not legal. And can be considered a felony. If an enforcement officer was so inclined, he could charge you, and send you to court.

I live in the US… Is there any way I can get around this 'bogus' law?

YEP! You are entitled to have a paintball silencer or compressor if you register for a class 3 tax stamp. If you go to your local city hall with this information they can help you out.

But, a class 3 tax stamp typically costs around 250$, so most of us just won't bother.

I am probably not supposed to say that you should simply ignore a law. And I would strongly advise against using a paintball silencer at a public venue. But if you're out in the bush with a few of your buddies… I can't really see the harm in a 'paintball' compressor. It would only be for recreational purposes. However, use one at your own risk. return from Is A Paintball Silencer Legal Or Illegal to Make A Paintball Silencer Or Paintball compressor


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