Paintball Minigun

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Minigun

To some players, a paintball minigun is just a small gun. In this case, the 'mini' part is short for miniature. Paintball gatling guns can be found for sale at many online paintball sites.

But most paintballers think 'BIG' when it comes to a minigun.

As most of us know, miniguns are small gatling guns that can fire a ridiculous hoard of ammunition at enemies.

And it is now possible to have one for the sport of paintball.

Paintball gatling guns are not allowed in regulation paintball tournaments, and for good reason. they absolutely demolish the competition.



you'll be able to fire more paintballs per second than any other type of gun. (even the top of the line automatic paintball guns).

A paintball minigun can fire over 30 balls per second, which is quite significantly above most paintball guns. Some of the top quality automatic paintball markers can come close, but not even they can fire as many paintballs.

And your gatling guns velocity will cower even the most courageous of fellow paintballers.

The ridiculously fast velocity…. is both a good and bad thing.

The good part is quite obvious…

High velocity = MAD intimidation

- it's hard to ignore the fierceness of a minigun. They fire ammunition fast, and they fire it hard. Some would say to hard…

And that's where the BAD comes in…

Unfortunately, the velocity of a paintball minigun is above the maximum allowed velocity on paintball fields. So they can be great fun to use with your buddies, but don't expect a gatling gun to help you hoist a regulation paintball trophy. Because the only place for a paintballing minigun is in the bush.

Plus, keep in mind that paintball fields have a set maximum velocity for a reason. Paintball injuries can occur at velocities above the maximum allowed.

… bottom line =

-some people are against high velocity paintball markers. And for good reason. paintball Injury rates , as well as overall paintball pain increase with higher velocities.

While others absolutely love velocity. The faster the better as far as some of us are concerned. Some people want to shoot their paintball gun as fast as possible.

Is The Airsoft Version Better?

I think our rival extreme sport has become a little jealous, because there is now an airsoft gatling gun that can shoot airsoft bb's like no other.

Clearly, gatling guns are going to be a significant part of our future woodsball experience.

How The Paintball Gatling Gun Ranks

There are a lot of military paintball guns out there that can have a dominating impact on woodsball performance.

Is a gatling paintball turret the best paintball gun for your scenario experience?

That depends on your preference. Without a doubt, this machine gun will be more powerful than any other scenario firearm. But, some might prefer the stealth of sniper paintball guns, which allow you to shoot your opponents at a great distance.

I personally prefer to be a destructive force on the paintball fields. I like going into crowds with an automatic paintball rifle, and unleashing paintballs. So it will come as no surprise that setting up a turret to blast away at opponents will be an awesome experience for me.

What kind of player are you? Do you like to hide in the bushes and snipe from a distance? Or do you like to find a group of oppponents, and apply relentless pressure from a machine gun?

Related Post: Miniature Paintball Guns

Some paintball players also refer to a paintball handgun as a paintball minigun (aka miniature gun). And if your main hopper runs out of ammo, a paintball handgun is a great option.

These guns are commonly called paintball pistols, so you may see these terms used interchangeably.

Unlike a large sized paintball gun, a paintball pistol is almost always realistic. If you are interested in gun replicas, take a look at our page on realistic paintball guns.

What is a paintball minigun?

Quite simply, they are small paintball guns. Usually in a pistol form. If you check our page on gun reviews, the paintball pistols are what you are looking for.

How usefull are they?

A paintball pistol should never be your main option on a paintball field. They are a lesser gun in every aspect. Less accuracy, less balls per second, holds less ammo, shorter shot distance, smaller.

However, the smaller sized gun aspect can be an advantage for a paintball player. Because of their small size, you can easily strap them onto your clothing. In fact, many paintball vests have a place specifically designed for a miniature paintball gun.

Paintball professionals use miniature guns all the time. Why? Because with the high end guns that can fire a ridiculous amount of paintballs per second. Hoppers become emptied very quickly. It is a lot faster to pull out a paintball pistol than it is to reload a hopper. In the middle of a paintball fight, this time saver can win you many matches.

For my competitions, I don't just equip a single paintball pistol. I equip two. One for when my main paintball gun runs out of ammo. And one for when my first pisol runs out of ammo.

Are they worth it?

Paintball miniguns are a lesser gun in every aspect, which includes price. A top of the line paintball pistol will only cost you a little over a hundred dollars. A standard paintball gun is about 4 times that for a decent gun.

Any serious paintball player absolutely needs one. They are way too big of an advantage on the paintball fields to give up.

If you are a casual paintball player, they may or may not be for you.

My girlfriend likes paintball pistols more than an actual gun because they are not as intimidating. They are a lot less powerful, so getting hit with them will not leave any significant paintball bruises.

Paintball miniguns are a whole lot of fun. If you want to have a good time with your buddies, playing around with some paintball pistols can be a great time. Or if you're serious about your paintball game, they can be a significant advantage on the paintball field. But don't think that you'll win any paintball competitions without a large paintball gun.

Closing thoughts

The first time I ever played paintball. All I used was a paintball pistol that I picked up from my local walmart. I had a blast of a time! But the accuracy of my cheap minigun was so bad that I would have absolutely no idea where my paintballs would wind up. Needless to say, I did get owned on the paintball field. The lesson I learned was that cheap paintball pistols are virtually useless. If you decide that a paintball pistol is right for you, make sure you get a decent one. The quality of paintball pistols vary greatly from one to the next, so make sure you check our reviews to find out which one is for you.

Check out our paintball minigun reviews Homepage


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