Paintball Minigun or Paintball Grenade Launcher?

by admin on October 3, 2012


Paintball Minigun or Paintball Grenade Launcher

Investing in a paintball minigun or a paintball grenade launcher are two great ways to spice up your bushball experience. Is there anything more badass than firing a whole wad of paintballs at your friends with one of these bad boys?

Both of these big paintball guns can cost you a pretty penny. And most of us don't want to dish out a pile of cash for both a paintball bazooka and a paintball minigun…. So, which is more badass, the gruesome gatling gun or the big bad bazooka???

Gruesome Gatling Gun

The paintball gatling gun is a great option. It has a much faster firing rate than the paintball grenade launcher, and also fires at a much higher velocity. Some would say that it fires paintballs at an unsafe speed. If you check out one of these in a youtube video, you'll be able to see firsthand how intimidating a paintball minigun can be.

They can fire well over 400 fps, and that is quite simply too fast to ensure paintball safety. But, you're the one holding the thing, so at least you're not in danger.

Big Bad Bazooka

A paintball bazooka has a very slow firing rate, but that is only because it fires a boatload of ammunition in each and every shot. You can load up a paintball grenade launcher with over a 1000 paintballs for a single shot. So technically speaking, paintball bazookas fire more paintballs per second than any paintball gun on the planet.

With one of these big paintball guns, you want to make every shot count. Because if you miss, you are left high and dry until you are able to reload your big paintball barrel. That being said, each paintball grenade launcher blast can fire such a large radius that it will be verry hard for you to miss.

It's even quite possible to hit multiple opponents at once.

Which Is More Devastating?

The paintball minigun is more effective on the paintball fields. The increased fire rate, and the ability to constantly apply pressure on your paintball opponents wins out.

Paintball grenade launchers are cool, don't get my wrong. But there is too much pressure to make your one shot count. If you miss your opponent, you are left completely vulnerable. And that is just to much of a price to pay.

But, the one thing paintball bazookas have over the paintball gatling guns, is that they are not nearly as expensive. You can pick up a bazooka for around 400 dollars. Paintball miniguns are not even available at retail paintball stores. So, you'd have to make one yourself. And not only will you have to build one, the parts to build it will cost you more than a grenade launcher.

Is it worth it to build your very own gatling gun. Well, I don't think I've seen a more intimidating big paintball gun ever!! But it will cost you a lot of time and money….

The choice is up to you…..



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