Paintball Injuries Can Be Serious – Just Look at My Friend’s Eye!

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Paintball Injuries Can Hospitalize!

I don't want to scare anybody away from one of the most glorious games ever created….. but it is important to consider paintball inuries. Sure, most paintball advocates will tell you that paintball does not cause paintball injuries.

And the truth is, they are not far off!

The co2 paintball guru's website provides statistics of reported paintball injuries per particpating player. This study surveyed the sporting authorities for paintball, as well as some of the more common sports. The evidence shows that paintball does not have that many injuries. Which will come as a surprise to a lot of people…. Heck, it surprised me!

But that does not mean that paintball is not a dangerous sport. Sure, paintball accidents won't happen that often, but many paintball related injuries cause permanent damage. They can be avoided with simple safety precautions. Unfortunately, some players feel as though these are not cool. I'm not too sure why….

The most neglected piece of safety equipment is a paintball mask. A lot of paintball players consider these ugly… but why. They look rather badass to me! Seriously?!!! I mean, paintball masks are not really that different from masks displayed in many cool video games. Let's think Halo for a second….. You'd be hard pressed to find a paintball player that would bash equipment used in this alien adventure. Yet many paintball players will squable about a paintball mask's design.

Paintball masks are cool! And even if they weren't….. they are ridiculously important for your paintball safety. In fact, paintball manufacturers are obligated to include a safety warning on many paintball items, that discusses the importance of eye protection. This is because eye related paintball injuries often cause permanent damage.

If you've ever suffered an eye injury before, you will know how irritating human perception can be with only a single eye. You will constantly stumble around, and will be unable to adequately perform many activities…… INCLUDING PAINTBALL!!!

Take another look at my friend above. He hates paintball masks, and frequently plays bushball without one. I don't entirely blame him because his mask fogs up more than a car filled with panting dogs. That being said, the easy solution is to purchase a proper mask!

My bro and his eye patch.

So you guys can probably guess what happened to my bro. He took off his mask to defog his vision, and whack! Paintball right to the face. Not the way you want a paintball injury to happen.

Well, this was some what of a paintball experience, many of the guys thought it was funny, and of course, it is hard not to laugh. Fortunately, I was able to contain my laughter…. for my bro's sake. We certainly laugh about it now at least :)

Kind of one of those moments you have to be there for. He let out a girlish scream, and fell down like a ton of bricks. I know, I know….. paintball injuries are nothing to laugh at. Although his feminine scream was rather emasculating.

My friend did not even have it that bad, the paintball did not make contact with his eye. Instead, a paintball landed beside his eye.

He needs an eye patch because some paint splattered in his eye. Yes, that's right. He received a paintball eye injury, and he didn't even get hit in the eye. Can you imagine what a direct hit to your cornia would do? Frankenstein here, wasn't able to see for a good three weeks. And on top of that, he wasn't gauranteed that this eye damage was only temporary.

Apparently, the paint in a paintball can create a chemical reaction in your eye.

Luckily, my bud is all better now, and believe me, as soon as he wanted to play paintball again, the first thing he did was buy a new paintball mask. Avoid having a paintball injury before realizing the importance of being properly protected. And really, eye protection is the only absolute nessesity. Some players use vests as well. But every other piece of paintball protection is optional.

However, paintball masks are mandatory for our paintball safety. And really…. do any of us want to turn out like the sorry looking fellow above?

Paintball Eye Injuries

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