Paintball Handgun

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Handgun

My buddy just purchased a paintball handgun. And my original reaction was "what a ridiculous waste money."

But then I began to notice other players who decided to invest in a paintball pistol.

To my surprise, most good paintball players had one. So I figured I should try one out.

Like the expression…. Don't knock it until you try it.

I did not want to miss out on the advantages of a paintball handgun. If there even are any advantages. My next thought was that maybe it has become trendy to have one, and not all that practical.

But enough of my rambling, I wrote this page to give you a review of how worthwhile they are.

Do they offer any advantaqes?

I have been pleasantly surprised about how often I choose to pull out my paintball handgun.

Any experienced paintball player knows that your paintball hopper will run out, and run out often at that. Most of the time, your hopper will run out of paintballs faster than you would expect.

And some of us have gotten pretty fast at reloaded our paintball hoppers with a brand new slew of paintballs. Years of practice will help you change a hopper in a matter of seconds.

But no matter how fast you can reload a paintball hopper, it will never be as fast as you could pull out a paintball handgun.

And sometimes you don't have the seconds that you need to reload. In those times, a paintball pistol will save you from a world of hurt.

The paintball pistol acts as a secondary type gun, but is used a lot more often than you'd expect. Either as a way to cover you until you reach a safe place to reload, or a as a way to take down opposing players when you run out of ammo for your paintball marker.

How do they look?

They look like actual pistols. They will make you look like a badass out on the fields.

They are just another one of Real Action Paintball's genius contributions to the paintball world.

Real Action Paintball manufactures realistic paintball markers. And they do one heck of a job. They have an amazing selection of realistic paintballing products.

If you're interested in paintball pistols, that will be the place to turn to.

How much do the cost?

Well, like any other paintball product…. you get what you pay for!

A good paintball pistol will cost about 250 dollars. And you could, of course, go a lot cheaper than that. But anything cheaper will have very marginal efficiency at best.

You really cannot go cheap, when buying a paintball handgun. Because a bad one, is not even worth your time.


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