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by admin on January 3, 2012

How To Make Your Paintball Gun Shoot Faster!

This guide will teach you how to make your paintball gun shoot faster. You should know that paintball fields regulate the velocity of your paintball guns. And typically, the maximum velocity you are allowed to have is 300 fps (feet per second). But if you have a velocity significantly below this speed, you are at a disadvantage on the paintball fields. A faster shooting speed will give you more accuracy and consistency, as well as increased shots fired per second.

How Can I Do This?

Well, there are two ways to make your paintball gun shoot faster.

1 – By increasing the amount of pressure on your paintballs.


2 – By learning how to manually improve your fire rate technique.

#1 Increased Pressure

So for the first case, you will need to manipulate the amount of "gas" pressure on your paintballs. In order to do this, you will need a nitrogen paintball tank. Also commonly known as an HPA (or compressed) paintball tank. Most of these tanks (and I say most, because some of the cheaper ones don't have this option) allow you to choose the amount of pressure for each and every paintball. Which is absolutely beautiful, because every shot will have a consistent, set firing speed.

So how do we bump this speed up, without passing the limit of 300 fps?

Well, if you have the device on your paintball gun that allows you to increase velocity, then it should be easily visible. If you turn this velocity adjuster clockwise, then your velocity should be increased.

But to make sure that the velocity is not too high, you should test your paintball gun out with a chronograph. I realize that if you are visiting this page, you probably do not know what this means, but they are available at just about every single paintball field that exists. So just ask a paintball field supervisor where to find it.

#2 Manual Methods

This is an advanced way to make your paintball gun shoot faster. It won't increase the actual velocity of your paintball gun, but it will allow you to shoot more paintballs per second.

The method that paintball professionals use to increase there shooting speed, is called walking the trigger.

And You really need to learn how to do this if you want to take your paintball game to the next level.

Walking The Trigger Excercises

If you've learned how to walk the trigger, but you are still not as fast as you would like, then strengthening your trigger fingers is an excellent option.

You can do this by wrapping a rubber band around your two trigger fingers. And then, manually perform 'walking the trigger' with the rubber band on for a set amount of time. Say around 30 seconds should be a good goal. Then simply rest and repeat. If you do this over and over again, your trigger speed should drastically improve.

Hint- If one rubber band becomes easy, you can add additional rubber bands for added resistance.


You can manually try and improve your paintball gun shooting speed all you want, but you won't receive good results unless you have an appropriate paintball tank. Make your paintball gun shoot faster with nitrogen paintball tanks.

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