Paintball For Beginners – What do I Need? How Should I Play?

by admin on October 3, 2012

It's hard to find paintball content on the internet that has a "paintball for beginners" type of feel to it. Paintball players usually have pride; they certainly don't want to admit that they struggled through the paintball basics. Well you are in luck, because "paintball for beginners" information is exactly what I want to cover today. After all, I don't have all that much pride, and I definitely don't mind filling you in on the most common mistakes paintball players make.

So let's take a look at the biggies; the two most common paintball beginner topics.

Paintball For Beginners


The Two Paintball For Beginner Biggies

What should be my first paintball gun?

Hmmmm…… Well, a lot of paintball beginners certainly make the mistake of overpaying for their first paintball gun. Paintball gun costs vary a lot! A low end paintball gun will be in the 80-120 dollar range. A decent gun will be in the 120-250 range. A really good gun is around 400-600 dollars. And finally, a suped up paintin' machine will cost you around a grand. Well, for paintball beginners a grand is way too much. Feel free to spend that if you want, but it takes a skilled player to be able to maximize the benefit of a top tier paintball gun. The main advancement for expensive paintball guns is an increased fire rate. A top notch gun will fire a ridiculous amount of balls per second (BPS). But, inexperienced paintball players will not know what to do with all the paintballs they'll fire out. Plus, aside from the high cost of the purchasing a top tier gun, supplying these bad boys with paintballs will cost you an arm and a leg.

A paintball for beginners player should buy in the lower range to start with. Contrary to what many inexperienced paintballers believe, a cheap paintball gun will have as good a velocity as an expensive one. So there will be no advantage there. You will get owned by people with better paintball guns, it's true. But, the lower end guns will be great for learning on. And because the only drastic difference of diiferent quality paintball guns is the amount of BPS, upgrading to a new paintball gun won't be a cumbersome process.

And upgrade you should. You should treat yourself to a new paintball gun every other season. That way, your playing level evolves with the quality of your paintball gun. This gradual process of upgrading both your skill level and paintball gun will garner the best results for your paintball gun. It is really the only viable method paintball for beginners should follow.

Paintball for beginners financial factors

You may be wondering whether this method will be more expensive, because won't buying a new gun every second season cost you a mint. Well, actually no, this method will save you a TON of money for several reasons.

Starting with an inexpensive paintball gun, will reduce the amount of paintballs you'll use. Perhaps not by choice, as you simply are unable to shoot very many BPS. With the extreme being that some paintball guns only allow for a 1-2 BPS.

But this is simply the evolution of the paintball player. Not many of us can afford to pay for all the paintballs that a good gun will expell. Especially if you belong to the paintball for beginners group. So what usually happens is a paintball player will use a lower tier gun until they are skilled enough to be sponsored by a popular paintball brand. Which enables this up and coming player to have a high BPS paintball gun because sponsors cover paintball costs for you! In other words, paintballs will cost you a fortune unless you have someone else buying them for you. And the best way to make this happen is to become good first, then let a sponsor foot the bill.

What should my paintball for beginners strategy be? Should I hide in the bushes and snipe from the side? Or should I charge the competition and prey on the weak?

Most paintball for beginner players feel like they have to adopt an extreme playing personality. And usually, a beginning player will either choose to be a low key, stealthy hunter or a high energy, run and gunner. Well the truth is, your paintball strategy should adjust to the paintball game that you're playing. And if you're just starting your paintball journey, then you really won't know how to adapt to certain games. The best thing a paintball for beginners player can do is experiment with multiple styles for each and every game. Every paintball player is different, and has a different style that works for them.

The paintball style that is best for you may not be what you think. Make sure that you force yourself out of your comfort zone, because that is truly the best way to improve your paintball game.

Most professional paintball players adopt a hybrid style that uses both sniping and charging. So get used to both, and learn when to alternate between the two. If you watch a professional paintball match, admire how quickly these players pull off a paintball charge, or how the choose to position themselves for long distance shooting. Paintball is a game that emphasizes strategy first and foremost. And it's hard to be strategic if you only have one paintball style.

I am not suggesting that your first time on the paintball fields you should continuously alternate both extremes as much as possible. It is a gradual process for paintball for beginners. But you should be gradually learning several different ways to play. That way, when a paintball match calls for a certain type of action, you will know exactly what to do.

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