Paintball Fill Station

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Fill Station

OH NO! your paintball tank has run out of air. Where should you go? what should you do? Paintball fill station to the rescue!

Well fortunately for all us paintball players out there, all we need to find is a paintball fill station. Which can be found at ANY paintball field, and most paintball stores.

fill stations are filled with two types of air, so make sure you know which is which. co2 is for co2 paintball tanks, and HPA is for nitrogen paintball tanks.

Paintball fill station parts.

A paintball station consists of primary parts and secondary parts.

primary parts:

a large sized tank

a valve that connects tanks- paintball cylinder pin valve

an electronic scale that measures the amount of air

Secondary parts:


pin valves


o rings

Threaded burst discs

How do you use a paintball fill station?

Well do we have the video for you. check out a youtube video that teaches paintball players how to use a paintball fill station.

Should you buy a fill station?

Potentially yes. We do, and we save a ton because of it. it depends on how much you play paintball.

If you want to buy your own fill station, there are two options for you. You can either buy a really cheap mini-fill station, or you can buy a big daddy, fully filled, field grade fill station.

For most players, we recommend the mini fill station…

Note: You can purchase a cheap mini fill station for about 40-50 bucks on the internet. And you'll also need a cheap tank. So all said and done, for about 300 dollars you can have your own fill station. Typically, for the wholesale pricing you can get for a large quantity of air, you save about 60% to refill your paintball gun. So if a day at the fields costs you about 10 dollars to fill your paintball tank. You will only have to pay 4 dollars, if you buy your own air.

Of course, this is a great business opportunity. You could charge people to use your air, and make a profit. All this is up to you. If you're going this route, the grand daddy tank might be the best option. Although that tank and set up will cost about a grand.

Think about all the money you could save with your own fill station. I played paintball for about 10 years without one, and probably cost myself an additional 800$ on paintball air. Plus, I have a fill station that I could choose to resell at any time.

Also, my friends used my fill station all the time, so I could have made a TON of money selling paintball air. I chose to give it air away for free… generous I know… maybe too generous. Keep in mind that selling air is always an option.

If you play a lot of paintball, your own fill station will save you money.

Where can you buy a fill station?

If you look print the fill station parts on this list, or bookmark this page, you can use my list as a reference. All of these parts can be found on the internet. Either through ebay, or through paintball stores on google.

You can also buy through your local paintball store, but that option will be considerably more pricey. I would definitely recommend buying off the internet. You'll be surprised at how much of a money saver that will be.

WARNING- All of the items found on my list must be paintball specific. For example, you cannot just buy any old valve. It must be a valve that is designed for paintball use.

Co2 Paintball Guru


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