Paintball Cannon

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Cannon

A paintball cannon is very similar to a paintball bazooka,

So similar, that many players would easily mistake one for the other. But paintball bazookas and cannons do have functional differences.

What's special about a paintball cannon?

Well these guns are great for close range combat. You load one with multiple paintballs, (up to 66 at a time), and unleash a whole pile of them on your opponents.

The beauty of this gun is that paintballs will fly in many different angles. So, all you need to do is target the general area of an opponent, and you will undoubtedly make contact with at least one paintball. And did I mention that you can have multiple kills with one shot. If you shoot in an area with several opponents, you can take down several players at once.

It may be easier for you to think of a shotgun. And in fact, many players argue that this gun should be called a shotgun, because that is the way it is used more often.

Why aren't they called paintball shotguns?

Well, when they were first created, these guns had different intentions. They were most commonly loaded with grenades, or more larger type ammunition. Some people would load them with just about anything lying around the house. And a paintball cannon will be able to shoot just about anything that will fit inside the large cannon barrel.

So, these "cannons" have kept their initial name, but feel free to call them shotguns if you want. Oftentimes, we identify them as shotguns, especially when we use them out on the fields.

Paintball shotguns/cannons, whatever you want to call them, they sound a lot like paintball bazookas….

I agree!

They are A LOT like a paintball bazooka, but they are also significantly different.

The main difference is the shot radius of the two separate paintball guns.

A paint cannon shoots a much larger radius of paintballs, so you will have paintballs fly in many more angles than a blast from a bazooka. But because the paint will be taking all kinds of weird angles, long distance accuracy is impossible. This is where a paintball bazooka will excel. A bazooka will be able to accurately shoot a pile of paintballs a far distance.

Which should you get?

That depends on your playing preference.

There is absolutely no question that bazookas are better long range. But shotguns are way better for short range combat. In fact, a shotgun (or cannon) is the best possible weapon for short range. As most of us who have played first person shooters know first hand.

There is just simply no escaping the blast radius of a paintball cannon in short range. But your sniping days from a distance will be over.

Where do I get one of these guns?

Well, all over the internet, people are attempting to make a profit off of paintball cannon plans. Which is just ridiculous. Some websites are asking for you to pay around 50 dollars just to have the building plans for these guns. And then you still have to make it yourself.

Well we got tired of people stealing money from paintball consumers, so we've created the plans ourselves, and distributed them to you guys for free.

If you click the link above you'll be able to see them yourself.

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