Paintball Cannon Plans

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Cannon Plans – for free!!!

Finally, paintball cannon plans that won't cost you a dime….

We're going to get into the materials that you'll need to build. I've seen people gather these materials for less than 25 bucks. That's less than the price for a dinner. And no, you don't have to pay anyone to learn how to build these guns.

What you'll need

- Ten Inches of PVC pipe

- 2 PVC couplings

- 3 inch PVC end cap

- 3 inch PVC end cap adapter

- Half an inch in diameter PVC pipe four feet long

- Tube of PVC cement adhesive

- Power saw

- Gas grill ignition switch.

- Aerosol hair spray

- Measuring tape

- Hacksaw

- Metal file

- Sponge

- Pliers

- Scrap paper (newspaper)

The Plans

1- Use sponge to apply PVC cement to a PVC coupling

2- Attach PVC adapter an end of the PVC coupling

3- Use cement to attach the adapter to the other PVC coupling

4- Cut the PVC pipe to an appropriate length. (the appropriate length will be two inches longer than the coupling device).

5- Connect the PVC pipe to the coupling by screwing the adapter ends onto the PVC pipe.

6- Drill a small sized hole into the middle of the PVC pipe. (approximately a dime sized hole)

7- Use a sponge to spread cement onto the inside of the 1 and a half inch adapter. Then, insert the 1 and a half inch pipe to the cemented adapter.

8- Tape together, and insert the ignition switch wires into the center hole of the PVC pipe. Make sure to leave the actual switch outside of the PVC pipe.

9- Tear the safety coating off both ends of the ignition switch wire. But only about a half an inch off each end.

10- Place the constructed paintball cannon securely into the ground. And carefully spray hairspray into the device.

11- Then, take off the end cap, and fill with paintballs.

12- start shootin'

Final note – be careful! Make sure you don't make contact with anyone who is too short of a distance away.

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