Paintball Bazooka

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Bazooka

Woah nellie!! How intense would it be to play paintball with a paintball bazooka.

Well now you can, and there are two ways to make your dream possible.

You can either build one yourself, or you can buy one from a paintball retailer. The store bought model costs $399.

The homemade paintball bazookas do not always function as well as the store bought ones, but they are considerably cheaper, and it is a somewhat fun project. If you are crafty, there's no good reason why your homemade version can't mow down the competition as much as a bought paintball launcher.

UPDATE July 23 2010 – You Can Now Mount A Grenade Launcher Attachment To Your Paintball Gun

Real Action Paintball has now made it possible to attach a grenade launcher to your very own paintball gun.

The great news about this option is that it has been very effective, and it costs a lot less.

A grenade launcher attachment only costs 150$, and almost all paintball fields 

welcome them. On top of that, many paintball players are reporting that they have been having more success using the grenade launcher attachment as opposed to an actual paintball bazooka.

Paintball Bazooka

The benefit of this product is amazing, because you can still fire from your paintball gun AS WELL AS fire grenades from your mounted attachment.

Think call of duty style, if that helps :)

Spyder Grenade Launcher Package

How they work?

A bazooka consists of a large hollowed out tube that can be filled with any small enough object. They are not limited to paintball grenades, you could also fill a paintball bazooka with paintballs, airsoft bb's, some people even use nerf darts. Basically anything that is an appropriate size can be used as a projectile. The object inside the tube is then propelled out at objects, or opponents.

These bazooka's can add to certain scenario type paintball games. Or they can be used just for some good fun. And by fun I mean splattering a ridiculous amount of paintballs on your good buddy :)

How to build a paintball bazooka

If you would prefer to build a bazooka for paintballing purposes, click this link,

Where to buy?

Building one of these beastly contraptions is difficult, plus if you don't trust your building skills, there's no gaurauntee a homemade version will function properly. If you would prefer to buy a paintball grenade laucher, click this link.

The Benefits!

So what can one of these bad boys do for you? Many different paintball novelties have been tried and tested, but a lot of them have failed. The Sniper paintball rifle, for example, has been considered a dud in the world of paintball. Nobody wants to purchase a paintball grenade launcher and consider it a giant waste of money. So make sure you know what they will provide for you by reading our full review of a paintball bazooka


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Know that you will not be able to use …


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