Paintball Bazooka Review

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Bazooka Review

I cannot tell you how excited I am to write a paintball bazooka review. These crazy contraptions are the new paintball novelty trend. And if you've been around paintball long enough, you know that in the paintball novelty game there are many duds… but there are also a few studs, which is where paintball bazookas come in.

It should not be surprising that Real Action Canada is first company to come up with a paintball grenade launcher. Real Action Canada has been coming up with quality novelty paintball products for many years, and truly set the bar for the rest of the paintballing world.


Well first of all, paintball bazookas look super, super cool! But that's not the main reason to get one.

These gigantic guns will absolutely own on the paintball fields. They do, in fact, function in the same way as a real grenade launcher.

The only difference being the ammo that you put into them. A paintball bazooka can be filled with various types of extreme sport ammo, such as airsoft bb's or paintballs.

Once you've filled up your bazooka, you simply aim at an opponents general area, and I mean GENERAL AREA because a paintball bazooka will shoot a very large range. POW!!!

Not only will you most likely hit your intended target, with a paintball grenade launcher, you have a good chance of nailing multiple opponents at once. That's right! We had a paintball game when one of these bad boys took out THREE opponents in a single shot. You simply cannot get this devastating performance out of any other paintball novelty product. Or any paintball gun period!


That being said, there are some drawbacks for our paintball bazooka review. The reloading process will take a lot longer than a standard paintball gun. So while your opponent may be able to fire, fire, fire. You will be busy fire, load, fire, load….

To break it down for you…..

YOU can fire up to 1000 paintballs at once, but cannot fire consecutively, so you better be darn sure you've already nocked out your opponent.

YOUR OPPONENT can fire up to 25 bps, but is restricted to a very small shooting range that is dodgeable.

Hence, it's all what your into.

Final Considerations

One final note in our paintball bazooka review. These guns are supposed to be a novelty item… well tell that to the manufacturers because they were built to destroy! You don't just get novelty, you also get quality.

You will however be sacrificing your firing rate, but why does that matter if your first shot can do all the work for you!

If you like paintball scenarios, a bazooka can be the spice you need to make a game more interesting. It's entirely up to you. If you want a reasonably priced paintball novelty product, then a paintball bazooka is the absolute best product you can buy. That being said, not everyone enjoys novelty products, but then again, not everyone has tried a paintball bazooka. Finished with our paintball bazooka review, return to our page on paintball bazookas

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