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by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Air Tanks – Why You Need Nitro

Paintball can be incredibly expensive, and there are areas where you don't need to spend all that much money. paintball air tanks are not one of these areas. You will be much better off spending slightly less on your paintball marker. While some paintball player's will tell you otherwise, it is entirely unnecessary to spend a thousand dollars on a paintball gun. You can get a good paintball marker for a third of that price. The Tippmann A5 only costs about 250 dollars, and can shoot over 20 balls per second.  A paintball tank is not something that you should cheap out on. There are too many players that spend their paintball budget in the wrong places. If you only have so much money to spend on your paintball equipment, do not spend almost all of it on your paintball gun.

This is easily one of the biggest mistakes that beginner paintball players make. An HPA paintball tank is an absolute essential piece of equipment on the paintball field. An average paintball gun with an HPA tank can kick the ass of a good gun that uses co2. It's also a lot more cheap to pump your budget into a decent paintball tank.

Nitrogen tanks are considerably more efficient than co2 paintball tanks. And that efficiency comes at a reasonable price increase. You can purchase a co2 tank for very little money nowadays. Even less than 20 dollars. But a nitro tank can cost you over a hundred dollars.

Why would you pay more money for a nitrogen paintball tank?

Because your paintball gun will fire more reliably. Each shot will fire with the exact same amount of force. As a result, your shots will be significantly more accurate because you'll be able to better predict where your paintballs land.

On top of the accuracy advantage, you'll also be able to set the amount of velocity for each shot. Most fields have a velocity limit (around 300 fps) most good paintball players like their velocity settings just below the field limit. Whereas, a co2 paintball tank's velocity can be much, much lower.

So nitro vs co2 is a question of quality vs cheaper! And while there are some products that you can cheap out on in paintball, a tank is not one of them.


Co2 tanks will cause your gun to have very little accuracy, regardless of the quality of your paintball marker.

Where to find tanks when you're on a budget?

There can be some pretty solid paintball gear deals at your local paintball store. That being said, there can also be some pretty terrible ones. As a general rule, if a retail store does not have your product on sale, then you can get it for much cheaper online. I purchase about 90% of my paintball gear from online, and occasionally I find a worthwhile deal at my local shop.If you don't mind waiting for delivery, paintball gear can be found way cheaper on the internet.

Best Paintball Tanks

The best paintball tank for you depends entirely on how much you are willing to spend. You can spend over 300 dollars on a paintball tank, but that price seems a little frivolous.

The truth is, a lot of very good HPA paintball tanks do not cost that much money.

If you are on a budget, the Aluminum N2 Paintball Tank is an excellent option. For only about 49 dollars, you can experience the awesome consistency of nitrogen gas.

If you are willing to spend more, then I highly recommend the Zephyr 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank. Zephyr 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank

There are so many great HPA tanks out there, it is not very hard to find a good one. Co2 can be a fun alternative for recreational paintball players. But if you care about the quality of your game at all, then an HPA tank is an absolute must.

Here's a page on Paintball Tank Reviews to get you started :)


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