Paintball Air Systems

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Paintball Air Systems

Which of the paintball air systems is best for you? Well that's what we are here to find out. Let's take a look at each air system individually and give you the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Before we get started, its important to note that nitrogen is considered the better, but more expensive paintball air system. We are going to start with co2 air systems, and then we'll venture over to the pretentious nitrogen tanks.

Co2 Paintball Air Systems

Co2 paintball tanks are cheap, cheap, cheap!!!

I purchased a 20 ounce (standard) co2 paintball tank for 9 bucks from a discount bin at my local paintball shop.

Co2 systems are supposed to run off of "liquid air." What this means is that co2 becomes a liquid in your tank, before turning into a gaseous substance. When the force is exerted on the tank, typically by pressing your paintball trigger, co2 emits a mostly gas-like substance. However, co2 fluctuates between a liquid and gas state, depending on the environment.

If you live in a cold environment, you are able to experience this first hand. Your own breath contains co2 molecules, and when the temperature is considerably low, you are able to see your own breath travel in the air. You can see the co2 molecules of your own breath because they are between the liquid and gas states. But enough science, how does this translate to your paintball tanks.

Well paintball tanks run a little cooler than your outside environment, so even on a summer day, it may be cool enough to turn a certain amount of your co2 into liquid. Because co2 can have different characteristics depending on differing temperatures, you cannot fully rely on a co2 paintball tank. The accuracy will vary depending on the temperature of each shot. Many players experience problems when a co2 paintball tank attempts many consecutive paintballs. A co2 tank will fire the paintballs at slightly different speeds, and slightly different angles.

Which means that a co2 paintball tank will give you a slightly less consistent, slower, and less accurate rate of fire.

Some of the more elite paintball markers are not even compatible with co2 paintball tanks. This is because paintball companies know that it would be silly to couple a fast firing paintball gun with a relatively cheap paintball tank.



-Cheap paintball markers will function well with Co2 tanks



-Incompatible with elite paintball guns

-lower accuracy

-inconsistent velocity

-more problems

Nitrogen Paintball Air Systems

Nitrogen air systems are the superior option. Nitrogen is not affected by the outside temperature, so each shot will contain the same amount of pressure.

Because the same amount of pressure will be fired with every shot, nitrogen tanks give your paintball gun better accuracy, and a more consistent fire rate. ie. less jamming, faster speed, and you'll be able to control the outcome of the paintballs you fire…. sounds pretty good to me!

And unlike co2 paintball air systems, nitrogen systems are compatible with any paintball rifle on the market.

While nitrogen paintball tanks function better than co2 tanks, they still have their faults.

There are two DOWNSIDES to nitrogen tanks…

first of all, they are the more expensive paintball air system. So while you could probably pick up a co2 paintball tank for a few bucks, a nitrogen tank will cost significantly more. That being said, nitrogen tanks will not cost an arm and a leg. A paintball player could pick up an average nitrogen tank for around 70$ They can cost a lot more though. Nitrogen tanks can be as much as a few hundred dollars!!

They are a heavier tank. Most people don't really think of this much of a fault. Many of them are really not that much more expensive. The thing is, nitrogen tanks are also commonly referred to as compressed air tanks. Which is exactly as it sounds COMPRESSED. Which means there is more nitrogen molecules relative to the amount of space in a co2 tank. THis means that you will have more air in a paintball tank. WHich means more shots you can fire untill the air in your tank run out… but as a side effect to more air is a heavier tank.

The downsides are really not that significant. Any serious paintball player needs to at least have a cheap nitrogen paintball tank because they can seriously improve your fire accuracy and consistency. As for the weight issue, many players are not even effected in the slightest. However, if it does bother you, many players simply attach the nitrogen tank to a paintball vest. In fact, many paintball apparel products include a spot designed specifically for a paintball tank.


-Better accuracy

-Better fire rate

-less problems






The only major disadvantage of buying a nitrogen paintball tank is price. Nitrogen paintball tanks are significantly more efficient than co2 paintball tanks. Experience players would not even consider co2 tanks as an option. But a casual player may not even tell the difference.

If you care about the quality of your game. Then we 100% encourage you to buy a nitrogen paintball tank.

If you could care less about your paintball game, then buy a co2 paintball tank.

Bear in mind that a good paintball tank is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your paintball performance.

Come check out our reviews for nitrogen and co2 paintball air systems

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