Nitrogen Paintball Tanks Will Save You a Ton of Money Over the Long Term

by admin on October 18, 2012

The fact that nitrogen paintball tanks are cheapest paintball tanks will come as a surprise to almost all paintball players. But it's true. Nitrogen tanks will save you a TON of money over the long term, and this page will tell you why….

ok, so here goes….

There are two types of paintball tanks. The unimpressive, low quality, co2 paintball tank. And then there is the alpha male, paintballers dream, a nitrogen paintball tank. So why would the nitrogen paintball tank be cheaper… I mean, if it is a far better paintball tank, couldn't a paintball store make a lot more money by selling it for more.

Well, yes that's true…. and yes they do!

nitrogen paintball tanks are more expensive in paintball stores than co2 paintball tanks. Seems like a complete contradiction I know. But bear with me….

Nitrogen tanks are cheaper because over the long term, a nitrogen tank will save you a ridiculous amount of money on refilling costs.

So to summarize up to this point. Co2 paintball tanks are the cheapest paintball tank at the store, but you will spend less money overall, if you spend more money to buy a nitrogen tank. Phew! I hope you're still following me…

let's see why this is….

A medium quality co2 tank will cost about 10 bucks. A medium quality nitrogen tank will cost about 80.

So we open the starting gates at a 70 dollar disadvantage. But, here's where nitrogen tanks redeem themselves.

On average, a nitrogen tank will hold 40% more shots than a co2 tank. So in other words, you will spend approximately 40% to fill your paintball gun.

Admitedly, I am being fairly generous to co2 tanks, and in actuality, the price difference can be even more than 40%. The reason for this is because paintball fields have two seperate tanks of paintball air. One is for co2 tanks, while the other is for nitrogen paintball tanks. In many cases, paintball fields charge less to refill from the nitrogen tanks, because the "compressed air" in the nitrogen tank is cheaper to them than the air in the co2 tak.

So on top of the fact that you will have to refill less often with a nitrogen paintball tank, you will also be paying less at many paintball venues.

Let's say that in a paintball season a recreational player with a co2 tank will refill their paintball tank 20 times. If that player had a nitrogen tank, he would only need to refill 16 times. So if a paintball field charges 10 bucks to fill your paintball tank. The player with the nitrogen tank will spend 40 dollars less. So in only two paintball seasons, a nitrogen paintball tank has more than paid for itself.

Again, many players will refill more than 20 times, so I could be a little generous to co2 tanks. The point is, do yourself a favour and buy a nitrogen tank. Not only are they the better tank, they will also save you money in the long run.


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