Does a Nitro Paintball Tank Still Exist

by admin on January 3, 2012

Does A Nitro Paintball Tank Still Exist?

Not only does a nitro paintball tank still exist, it is the most commonly used paintball tank amongst experienced paintball players.

The history of paintball tank terminology is rather peculiar. About 3 decades ago paintball was invented, and at that time, the paintball tank of choice was a co2 paintball tank. Not because that was the best possible option, that was all that was available.

Shortly after the arrival of paintball and co2 paintball tanks, someone figured out that nitrogen was a more efficient option. So, nitrogen became the popular fuel on the paintball fields. Which lead to the term 'nitrogen paintball tanks.'

Nitro paintball tanks was the popular way to identify tanks for many, many years. And it has only recently changed (about ten years ago) to the term HPA paintball tank.

Which is incredibly misleading, because there is absolutely no difference between an HPA paintball tank or a nitrogen paintball tank. They are the exact same thing, and always have been.

Paintball companies discovered that it is a whole lot cheaper to fill tanks with compressed air instead of pure 'nitrogen.' And as a result, the term of the tanks themselves changed from nitro to HPA. Which stands for 'high pressure air.'

So, yes nitrogen paintball tanks still exist today, they are just recognized as HPA tanks. The co2 paintball guru has been playing paintball for a long while. Which is why, as you may have noticed, this site uses the nitrogen instead of HPA. Both can be used interchangeably, and I see absolutely no reason why the term changed in the first place!


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