N2 Vs Co2 Paintball Tanks

by admin on January 3, 2012

N2 Vs Co2 Paintball Tank? – You Get What You Pay For!!!

The decision between an n2 vs co2 paintball tank is very much an issue of how much you're willing to pay. You can purchase a co2 paintball tank for significantly less than an n2 tank , but you'll be missing out on a lot of the cool features of a nitrogen paintball tank.

Benefits Of Splurging On An N2 (hpa) Paintball Tank

An N2 or Hpa tank will be much better than a co2 tank.

first of all,

each shot will be more reliable

co2 tanks can be annoying little buggers. one shot can fire a huge distance, and travel a great distance. while your next shot can dive straight into the dirt.

That is because co2 paintball tanks can not reliably and consistently monitor how much carbon dioxide is used for each shot. Thus, a luck factor comes into play. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing.

No player can predict how a co2 tank will fire a paintball, and therefore, you will not be able to confidently shoot at your opponents. Even if you aim with perfect accuracy. Your paintball may soar well beyond your enemy, or worse, die before reaching your target.

An N2 or hpa paintball tank takes the chance out of paintball shooting. Each shot will use approximately the same amount of nitrogen, and thus, the same amount of force. Which means that if you have perfect aim, you'll be able to consistently nail your opponents time, and time again… yay!

Furthermore, most n2 paintball tanks allow you to customize the amount of pressure used per shot. This is an excellent feature for paintball players that want to maximize their paintball gun effectiveness.

Paintball fields usually have a limit on the amount of pressure you are allowed to exert on each shot. That limit is about 300 fps.

A good paintball player will set their n2 paintball tank to shoot paintballs at the maximum allowed pressure settings. That way, you will have an advantage over players who shoot at much lower velocities. co2 tanks , for example, have a much lower velocity than 300 fps. A typical co2 tank fires around 200 fps …. disgusting.

No wonder co2 tanks cause paintballs to bite the dirt. They don't have enough power.

Price Difference Between N2 And Co2

A good n2 tank will cost you at least 80 bucks. And some of the higher end ones can cost you several hundred dollars.

A co2 tank can be purchased for less than 20 bucks… which is why these tanks even exist. Who would use them otherwise. N2 tanks are simply a step above in every way, other than price.

If you care about the efficiency of your paintball gear, then n2 is the way to go!

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