Military Style Paintball Markers

by admin on January 3, 2012

Military Style Paintball Guns

Military style paintball guns have become a huge deal in the paintball world, and we can all thank Real Action Paintball for that.

If you don't already know, Real Action Paintball is the company that invented these beautiful paintball items.

Real Action Paintball realized that there was a big demand for more realistic paintball guns. And perhaps many of us could have seen it coming. Many paintball players have turned away from the game because it was too abstract for their liking.

When a player becomes dissatisfied with the more common, clunky and unrealistic paintball guns, that player will either quit recreational shooting games altogether, or turn to airsoft. And if you've read my article on airsoft vs paintball you'll know why transitioning to Airsoft is a bad idea. It's not that airsoft is bad, its just that its different. And if you like paintball, then you may have a hard time enjoying airsoft.

Airsoft, like paintball, is a sport usually played outdoors and can be dangerous. So getting the right equipment so that you are prepared to play, and kept safe is important. Airsoft is a military simulation sport somewhat similar in nature to Paintball, in which players participate in mock combat with authentic military -style weapons and tactics. There is currently a growing interest in the sport.

You may like airsoft better, but we consider it more of a poor man's paintball.

Are Military Style Paintball Guns Better Or Worse Than Classic Guns?

They aren't necessarily better or worse, it depends purely on your personal taste.

As far as games go, you can still participate in the same events.

Military paintball guns can be used to play games that are either indoors or outdoors and take various forms, of which some of the most popular are woodsball , scenario , X-Ball and speedball . Rules for playing military style paintball guns vary widely, with most designed to ensure that participants enjoy the sport in a safe environment.

Why Would Anyone Buy A Military Style Paintball Gun?

Well first of all, military and police forces love Army Paintball Guns.

These guns are used for police training, military or security personnel. And they can look quite intimidatingly real…

But aside from that, the question is more why wouldn't you buy a military paintball gun. They cost about the same as a standard paintball gun of equal quality, and they look substantially cooler.

If you hook yourself up with military style gear, you will be an intimidating force on the paintball fields. For more information about Military Style Paintball guns AKA realistic paintball guns, click here.

Just how realistic are we talking?

Well, there have been numerous police phone calls, from people that have accidentally mistaken military paintball guns for the real deal.

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