Ever Tried Army Paintball Markers

by admin on January 3, 2012

Military or Army Paintball Markers – Have You Ever Tried One?

Army paintball markers may just be the next biggest thing for paintball.

How cool is that you can rock an ak47 paintball gun that looks exactly like the real deal? Or maybe you're more into realistic sniper rifles

Or how about a big ol' paintball bazooka or minigun? Real Action Paintball has created a massive selection of realistic paintball markers, that are becoming THE product, that every serious paintballer wants a piece of…

Standard paintball markers are all good, and we've always had a soft spot for the abstract construction of a typical paintball gun. But I doubt anybody is complaining about the heightened sense of realism that Real Action Paintball provides.

First of all, their selection of army paintball markers is absolutely awesome.

Whatever type of modern warfare firearm you're into, Real Action Canada has a paintball marker for you!

The Call Of Duty Simulation

Many paintball players are also huge call of duty fans. And if you've played that game a fair amount, you will probably have a particular gun of preference.

Most of the guns available in Call of Duty are in stock at Real Action Paintball. So it has become popular to match your paintball marker with the type of paintball gun that you use in call of duty.

And believe it or not, you can go fairly specific, because Real Action Paintball really offers a lot. For example, would you be surprised if I told you that Real Action Paintball offers you a grenade launcher attachment for your paintball marker?

I definitely was, before I discovered RAP!

Not only can you pick the type of realistic paintball gun you want, you can add attachments, like scope, or grenade launchers.


How Expensive Are They?

We all know how expensive paintball markers can be; some of my friends have spent well over a 1000 dollars on theirs. And they didn't even look cool.

So, of course realistic paintball guns are going to cost a mint…. wrong

Army paintball markers can be purchased for around 400 dollars, which is way less than most of the good paintball markers on the market.

Military Style paintball guns are a lot cheaper than most people realize. They look like a million bucks, but they will cost you a lot less!

How Do They Match Up Against Other Paintball Guns?

military style paintball guns can be very, very effective, or not that great at all. They seem to be quite a mixed bag.

For some of Real Action Paintball's markers, the realistic design of the paintball guns has gotten in the way of their performance. Which is unfortunate, for the few that will need developing. Perhaps in the future, Real Action Paintball will fix all the blemishes.

But for the most part, the realism provided by Real Action Canada is solely a wicked awesome bonus.

In fact, the most popular realistic paintball markers are considerably above the competition. For example, the realistic ak47 paintball marker is better than any other paintball marker in it's price range.

And this is not an exaggeration whatsoever. If you look at our paintball gun reviews

you'll get to see where the better army paintball markers stack up against the competition.

What we've found, for the better models, is that Real Action Paintball's markers can be more realistic, less expensive AND better quality paintball guns.

The last factor (better quality paintball guns) is by far the most important. So make sure you check our reviews to find out which realistic paintball marker is designed the best.

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