Make a Paintball Silencer

by admin on January 3, 2012

Make A Paintball Silencer Or Paintball Compressor

Is it even possible to make a paintball silencer or paintball compressor. Many players worry about increased paintball gun problems, such as jamming etc.

Well, silencers or sound compressors have been around for centuries – almost as long as firearms have existed. And it really did not take long at all for paintball companies to create a compressor device suitable for paintball guns. Unfortunately, paintball regulations in the 1990's sided against paintball silencers, and as a result, they were eliminated from league play. Shortly after that, paintball companies stopped manufacturing paintball compressors.

In fact, many people regard paintball silencers as bad for the game of paintball. Which I really don't understand… Paintball is meant to be a war simulation, in which case more realism should be welcomed. Using a paintball sniper rifle in a stealthy and silenced way should be apart of the game. Paintball snipers can't fire a gazillion paintballs per second like a standard assault rifle paintball gun. And for that reason, anyone who tries to use a sniper paintball rifle in paintball play is absolutely owned. Silencing a paintball sniper is a good way to even the tides, and a good way to have fun in general.

How Do I Build One?

Building one of these bad boys is relatively simple. Many of the plans on the internet make it look incredibly complicated, which is entirely unnecessary. It's more an issue of trial and error.

ALSO BEWARE – the plans on the internet fail to take into account that paintball guns are different shapes and sizes. The size of PVC pipe you need will most likely NOT be what other people suggest you should buy. You should bring your paintball barrel to a hardware store yourself to make sure you have the appropriate sized pipe.

So, you need to buy a PVC pipe that is just large enough to slide onto the end of your paintball barrel. But as small as possible. We want it to be tight. Inside the PVC pipe you should stick a some sort of fabric filler around the pipe casing. Could be cottonballs, or old rags. As long as it is uniformly stuck around the inside of the PVC pipe chamber.

Then You need to carefully attach and screw the PVC pipe onto the end of your sniper paintball rifle.


In order to have the make a paintball silencer or paintball compressor process run as smoothly as possible, you should test out your set up before you make any permanent alterations.

For example, test that the pipe will fit appropriately. And test that the inside fabric is secure and unobtrusive before you screw the pipe to your barrel.

If you screw the PVC pipe to your barrel without making sure that everything is working correctly, then fixing your inadequate paintball silencer will be a somewhat difficult task.

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