M4 Paintball Gun

by admin on January 3, 2012

M4 Paintball Gun

Paintball players have seen enough ugly paintball guns. Which is why Real Action Paintball makes an absolute killing selling realistic paintball guns , like the M4 paintball gun.

BT Paintball Gun M4 Carbine Package with Marker

The beauty of M4 assault rifles is their fire rate, and consistency. Fortunately for the paintball world, Real Action Paintball has managed to go above and beyond on both counts.

The M4 marker is a fully automatic paintball gun. The fire rate of one of these bad boys is better than most guns out there. Including some of the fast firing Dye and Planet Eclipse paintball markers.

As for Consistency, these markers have near pin point accuracy. If you take a look at the picture provided, you'll notice that there is a spot available that is designated for a scope. Which is almost unfair to the competition.

This gun is so accurate, that if you use a scope, it's almost too easy to shoot down the enemy. But I suppose that is how real guns would operate.

In terms of quality and price, you really cannot go wrong with what Real Action Paintball has to offer. You've probably seen Rap4 all over the internet. And that is because they are the new big paintball goliath.

Why has Real Action Paintball become so popular?

because they offer something every other paintball outlet lacks. And that is realism. There is a reason why Airsoft is taking away paintball players.

M4  Paintball GunPaintballers and airsofters want to feel like they're taking part in a real gun fight. Which is exactly the experience that Real Action Paintball provides.

Once you buy a realistic paintball gun and try for yourself, you won't ever go back to the old guns. These paintball markers are the future of our sport. In ten years from now, every good paintball player will be rockin' a rap4 paintball gun.

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M4 Paintball Gun

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