Kingman Spyder TL-X Paintball Gun Review

by admin on January 3, 2012

Kingman Spyder TL-X Paintball Gun Review

The Kingman Spyder TL-X paintball marker is a mechanical semi-auto paintball marker with drop forward, vertical ball feed, 12" barrel, anti-double feed, super light trigger pull, expansion chamber with fore grip, tournament velocity adjuster, a low pressure chamber, quick disconnect pin, a bottom line with stainless steel hose, and two finger trigger. The TL-X operates on CO2 or compressed air.

if you're looking for a mech marker as a starter gun, nothing beats the Spyder TL-X is simplicity. I mean, when I first started I could take the whole gun and put it back together in a few minutes. Impossible to do with a tippmann paintball marker as a beginner.

It was my first marker and I still have it as a back-up, its just very reliable. The main advantage of this marker is that you cannot have anything go that wrong with it. It's mechanical wich is easy to take apart so the worst thing that can happen is that a O-ring breaks. thats pretty much the worst thing that will happen… this will happen to all guns eventually only replaced my O-rings once because i thought maybe they should be replaced since I had not for a year of heavy use. About upgrades, look, if this is a starter marker it is awesome. You can play your whole first year with it and buy a new gun when you're ready to move up, I wouldn't bother getting upgrades if you plan on getting a new marker later.

I had a friend who had it as his first paintball gun as well, me and him both. We went to a local 3 man tourny with them and had a blast. (won 2nd, take that electro's!) There were times when more firepower might have helped which is why when you got the skills, you can move up on a better marker if thats for you.

this gun is a steal for the price. i have used in the woods and at fields and have owned. it can be inaccurate at times, but a new barrel should help.

i get a ton of shots off on a 12 oz co2. I have only had 2 breaks in the barrel using game-face scorch paint, but they weren't bad beaks .

easy to clean a barrel burst in the heat of battle. Hopper does sit high and can leave you exposed. The gun also can feel heavy during long game, but a remote should fix this problem. Trigger isn't that good would recommend something easier to pull

You can hit people from far away with this gun cause i was playing a game at the local woods were a bunch of us go to play and the first game we played we had about 4vs4 and i took out 3 people almost right away.

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Id say this probably matches up to a tippmann paintball gun and beats the heck out of brass-eagles and view-loaders. id take it over the extra and mabye the tippman with some upgrades.

I think this gun shoots maybe 7-8bps? maybe more if you do some spring mods, but not much more than a gravity can feed so don't bother upgrading the hopper to soon. On the upside, hoppers can be transfered to your next gun so it might not be a bad idea.

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