Invert Mini Review

by admin on January 3, 2012

Invert Mini Review

Hey guys,

The Invert Mini is an absolutely beautiful paintball marker. I have a few reviews here, posted from all over the internet. Take a look and let me know what you think.

here's a video review of the Invert Mini

Review #1

Read the manuel and you realize this is a simple marker. Easy to maintain and to fix. Pull it out of the very cool case it comes in and mount the lightest tank you can find. Grab a fast hopper and Air it up. BANG!!!!!! That is loud!!! Let out a couple of bursts, revel in the loud speed of the thing.

Now go and dig out a nice Barrel(freak in this case 14 inches with all american front). Let loose another stream. much better! Now it is about the same as a barreled Ego, maybe just a tad louder. Adjust trigger to your prefered travel and go to the nearest field.

I went through 2 cases of beand new cryptic, one and a half cases of Nielsons Anarchy. I used plus we didnt count any of the paint that other people interested in shooting the marker went through. Usually a hopper full of whatever they had, which didnt last long with this marker. It is fast. I did break some paint but it was when I was using a Halo that seems to like to eat paint. I didnt have the same problem with the Velocity. Go ahead and send me your hatemail.

I think it is a better hopper. No need to go get a new trigger. The stock one works very well thank you. There is no on/off and no way to mount one, YET. Strange though that it is really easy to get the bottle on and off? I mean really easy. I wish all stock asa worked like this without an on on/off.

Now you are shooting at fools and it is easy. your change of direction is fast. Snapping is fast. Everything. It is so compact and light it is funny how fast you adapt. My shocker and Sl66 are almost as light but not near as small. It is accurate sending 5 round sprays one on top of the other. That is cool. You can nip lazy hoppers, knees, elbows and heads without a problem.

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I really do like this marker. It is a perfectly acceptable tournament marker. It is very fast, and ridiculously small and light. I really like the marker and plan to keep it as a back-up.

I really am concerned with the fragility of the marker, though. this would not be such a big problem except right now there are very few techs capable of dealing with minis (there haven't been a lot of classes yet). Due to this, I would recommend that people who have little experience teching markers avoid this guy for the time being.

If you are confident in your repair abilities, though, or have a Mini techy on hand, this is definitely a good marker to consider. When this marker works, it works really well; easily keeping up with Egos, G7s, and Dms. For the price, you really can't expect much more, it's just too bad that all the money that went into the packaging wasn't put into making the marker a little more resilient instead.


The Invert Mini is an exceptional value. Will I drop the other paintball markers and jump to this marker for my tourney play?

Absolutely not. The invert mini is an intermediate paintball gun. It won't outperform an expensive paintball gun but it does pretty well for it's price point.

Review #2

Getting to the field, loading up, I attached my Nitroduck 68/45 tuff skin tank (SCREWING THE TANK IN, WHEN IT IS EMPTY, IS THE BEST CHOICE), and my Reloader B2, and a 2 peice matching Red CP barrel with a bore of 693. The Mini had a great feel for me, and is by far the LIGHTEST GUN, I have ever owned.

The Feedneck, is a clamping lever feedneck, and it's really poorly designed. In order for my NON SHAVED B2 feedneck to be put into the feedneck, I had to almost COMPLETLY back out the screw on the feedneck, which tells me one thing…it's going to fall out with general play and movement.

BUT, since the Mini is Impulse/Ion threaded in the feedneck area, that leaves me alot of options, I'll probly go with something from CCM. The Mini came with all the allen keys needed to field strip and preform any maintence you need, along with replacement screws/detent and springs in an awesome little case that fits right into the foam in the case.

Turning the gun off and on was easy, it has very bright LED's that let you see what's going on. Turning the eye's off to dry fire it, was very easy. Hold the trigger and power up. Changing the modes of the gun, was a bit more challeneging than I would like, but I'm sure I'll get it down sooner or later.


The trigger, out of the box, felt great, alittle loosey goosey and basicly TOOK OFF when I did my famous 3 finger action, to the point where it wouldn't stop shooting unless I held the trigger down. I took out my handy dandy Repair kit, with included allen keys and adjusted the trigger to the feel that I like. The trigger gaurd is big enough to fit my beefy fingers in there, which is a plus, because I 3 finger my guns.


Moving down to the chrono, The Mini OUT OF THE BOX, was at about 240 fps. After some popet adjustment, she was shooting in a set of 10 shots, 295, 290, 293, 294, 296, 292, 296, 295, 294, 295. My average being aboiut +/- 4 fps.


On the field, when mounted on my shoulder, the mini felt light, mobile and agile. I thought it was going to be TOO SMALL for me, but I didnt even notice it once the game started. I run and gun to my corner and while im in my bunker, I notice one thing. I'm snaping ALOT FASTER then usual AND I can walk the trigger and support the weight of the gun WITH ONE HAND, while I reach for another pod, VERY EASILY. Once I start my 3 finger action, the Mini shows its true colors. It kept very great groupings, and the over all accuracy was GREAT, with my practice paint and white box I was using.

Since I play hard, my gun's ASA became loose during the day, but once again, I took out my handy dandy repair kit, that was included with my Mini, opened the left side of my grips and tightened the vertical setscrew and the horizontal setscrew to hold the vertical setscrew IN PLACE. THEN, not too much later, my foregrip, that housed the board and electronics, became loose, and once again, I took out my handy dandy repair kit, that was included with my Mini, and tightened up the set screws that go thru the trigger gaurd to the foregrip.


The Invert Mini, is a great gun for its price tag of $400, which BLOWS AWAY, the Promaster, the PMR and the ION. This gun is the 1st of it's kind, and is totally worth the adventure.

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Review #3

So I just took my brand new 09 Mini out for the first time…put it thru its paces at a 2 day scenario game. The current setup includes a Pure Energy 48/3k LPA tank & an Invert Reloader 2 hopper. Paint used was Karnage Blue box (high grade) with orange fill.


The Mini comes well packaged. The box is cardboard (no more metal carry cases I guess) but solid & with excellent foam padding. Nothing moves around or gets banged up, so a new Mini has no excuse to be damged before you open it. The instruction manual is clear, well written & includes numerous full color photos…definitely one of the better manuals Ive seen, with high quality paper & printing.Also included is a fairly nice tool/repair kit in a plastic case with all the tools needed to work on the marker as well as replacement springs, screws & detents.


Sleek & light…extremely well balanced, the Mini naturally seems to want to snap up into firing position. I dont know if its the size, weight, or whatever, but the Mini has an excellent "feel" to it…very comfortable to hold.I resisted the temptation to play with the circuit board immediately, but I did make a few minor adjustments to the trigger, which follows the standard 3 point adjustment system (pull, stop & contact point). Very simple.Stock board setting is 12.5 bps semi auto, & is very simple to program. Includes semi mode, NPPL & PSP ramping, and NXL full auto.


I attache the tank & hopper and start at the chrono range without making any further adjustments. My first single shot hits within 4 inches of the target center at approx. 50 ft with a fps of 276 (field limit 285). Wow – so far so good. The next 10 shots or so five similar results, with a range of 275 to 280 fps. Now I empty the hopper, shooting as fast as I can. No breaks, accuracy remains consistant & without fps spiking or dropping. I found this to be consistant for the whole weekend – at no time did I have to adjust the velocity at all.The Mini help up well for the entire event, despite wet weather & a muddy field. The closest thing to an "issue" was my fault, not the markers. Note: do not repeatedly smack the grip with a large wooden pole. It may fall off. Just make sure that all of the set screws are tight & this shouldnt be a problem.Over the course of the weekend I shot almost 2 cases pf paint with only one break (which may have been caused by damp paint) & no jams or other problems. Accuracy remained suprisingly good with the stock barrel, which only needed cleaning at the end of the game.

I love this marker. It performs as well as advertised, and for the price (approx. $300 retail) is an incredible bargain. Light, fast, comfortable, responsive, and totally effective. I have nothing bad to say about this marker at all & would cheerfully reccomend it to anyone looking to buy a solid mid-range electro. It will not disappoint!

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